Commentary Reflection and Postscript

I did not change my theme or thesis, but I did add more detail during the revision process so my essay was much more concentrated because I had narrowed it down to my particular topic. The extra detail came from a thorough analysis of the literature. My theme, uncertainty in relationships, was something that almost everyone had faced at some point in their lives. My point of view did not shift as a result of the exhaustive research I conducted and the involvement I had in the subject during the drafting and revising processes. I was determined to find out the underlying factors that mostly contribute to those in relationships being insecure during dating and in some instances after marriage and how it could be mitigated for sanity to be restored in relationships in terms of trust.

Preparedness in Conducting Academic Research

Answer: Carrying out any academic research requires a lot of sacrifice, focus, determination, and patience. For instance, with a lot of information on the internet that brings about bulkiness of information in my field of study accompanied with various different perspectives and views of people makes it challenging in incorporating all their views in my research. However, with reference to the research that I undertook, I feel like am prepared to carry out another research that would be successful given the exposure this research has given me. I have also learnt on how to tackle challenges that may arise and how to single out the relevant information from the internet to add on value and credibility of my research.

Public Contribution

Answer: This being a sensitive topic that deals with the everyday life of people, yes, I would like to share my ideas on different forums and platforms such as magazines, newspapers and electronic media such as radios. To try to unlock this whole issue of insecurity in relationships and how it may be minimized to save collapsing relationships.

Changes from Peers

Answer: Research is a continuous process therefore, incorporation of new views especially from my peers who were mostly my target population as they were the most affected by this insecurity. Thus their new diverse views were inevitable in my thesis writing for the helped in giving more leading information towards the entire study. While typing grammatical errors and spelling mistakes arise thus during the proofreading I did corrections thanks to a spell checker to ensure my work was free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I also ensured that there was continuity in the flow of information as I had outsourced data from various sites on the internet and fro my target respondents.

Classmate Review

Answer: Indeed, yes, having an opportunity to review my classmates work did play a vital role towards developing my own skills of writing as I learnt different formats of writing the thesis and the chronological order of the topics and how to express and present the findings of the study in terms of presentation and analysis.

Classmate Review and Additional Writing Strategies

Answer: The reviewing, as I had earlier alluded, it helped me in the writing process. This was because after going through various works of my classmates I noticed that I had not done well with the arranging of my topics and my data analysis and presentation of the findings was wanting. This aided me in rearranging the topics in my study and the presentation techniques such as the use of bar and pie charts. This was necessary for the entire formatting and editing of my final thesis before submission.

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