Characters Tension in the Novel “Ordinary People”

In this scene, the communication issue in their marriage brings tension between Beth and Calvin. Both of them seem to be disagreeing with each other. Even though Beth loved her son, she was ready to let go of the pain and trauma. She feels it is possible to step along and the suffering will be relieved by going on a holiday. Calvin claims, on the other hand, that the family needs to recover and that the family needs to sit at home and talk about what has happened as a means of healing. Conversion is typically a source of friction between him and Beth concerning their son Evidence
(Judith and Skell 29)
“I don’t think it is a good idea for us to blame ourselves for what happened, cal.”“Fine, “he says curtly.” Don’t, then. If that means a damn thing.”Her head sinks lower .she busies herself, buttering the piece of bread in the hand.“Beth,” he says, “I’m sorry, honey. I’m sorry.”She looks up. “What’s the matter?” she whispers. “Is something the matter?”“No! Nothing’s the matter.”“Then, why can’t we go? She leaned toward himContextCalvin and Beth are having lunch. Beth suggests to Calvin that they should go for vacation as a way of letting go pain and trauma caused by death of their son. However, Calvin thinks that staying and home would be a better idea. He still thinks that he is responsible for their son’s death. Talking about their son’s death always creates tension between them because they always have opposing ideas and thoughts.CharacterCalvin and BethAnalysisIn this scene, tension between Conrad and Calvin reflects their struggles in the healing process. In the scene, Calvin is concerned about Conrad’s wellbeing after he attempted suicide in Florida. Calvin is tracking every move that Conrad’s decides to makes. He does not know exactly how to help Conrad regain his mental health again. The suicidal attempt created a lot of tension between Calvin, Beth and Conrad. However, despite the tension they are trying in very way to help him begin a new life.Evidence(Judith and skell 11) "How's going it going? School. Swimming. Everything okay?" "Yeah, fine. Same as yesterday." "What does that mean?" A faint smile. "It means you ask me that every day." "Sorry." He smiles, too. "I like things neat." Context Calvin is conversing with Conrad after school. The conversation is much tensed because Calvin does not seem to know exactly what to say to Conrad. He is devoted to helping him regain his mental health by talking to him and knowing his wellbeing despite being an uncomfortable conversation.CharacterCalvin and ConradWork CitedGuest, Judith, and Aviva Skell. Ordinary People. Recorded Books, 2012. Print.

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