Captain America Film analysis

The film "Captain America: Civil War" is about treachery and devotion between friends who are motivated by different reasons to make particular judgments. The plot revolves around the fact that those you consider close to you are also capable of causing you harm. The Avengers are motivated by emotional ties to their history. T'Challa, the Black Panther, wishes to assassinate Bucky Barnes in order to avenge the death of his father, King of Wakanda. Captain America is willing to sacrifice everything to save his pal Bucky Barnes. Tony also offers to assist the government in bringing Captain America and Bucky in. However, he is also driven by the need of revenge against Bucky, who killed his parents.

At the beginning of the movie, the world politicians feel that the superheroes should be regulated by introducing the Hero Registration Act. Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man agrees with this decision and claims that superheroes’ actions should be limited so that more cities are not destroyed. . However, Captain America does not agree with the idea thus splitting the Avengers. Captain America is of the opinion that the government cannot be fully relied on to keep the world safe. This results in a conflict between Team Iron Man and Team Captain America. On Iron Man’s side, we have Vision, Black Panther, Black Widow, Spider Man and War Machine. On Captain America’s side, we have Falcon, Hawkeye, Ant Man and Bucky Barnes. The UN holds a meeting in order to work out the regulations concerning an issue and an explosion occurs. Some people die and among them is At a UN gathering where the regulations are being worked out, there's an explosion and some people are killed among them is the King of Wakanda, Black Panther’s father. When investigations are carried out, they reveal that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. However, his friend Steve, realises that Bucky is innocent and he was set up. Tony Stark is then informed that Captain America, Steve, who is out to help Bucky Barnes is also wanted due to his decision. He therefore offers to bring Steve in with the help of his team. He decided to betray a fellow Avenger to be reprimanded by the government. The family of Avengers is further divided (Darowski 5-8).

Tony Stark is also driven by revenge when he finds out that the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, was responsible for the death of his parents. He felt betrayed by Steve since he was defending the man who killed his parents. Tony therefore tried to kill Bucky since according to him, he did not deserve to live. Tony believes that the Winter Soldier has caused a lot of suffering to the world and he deserved to die, whether or not it was his fault. There was nothing anyone could do to convince Tony otherwise. At the same time, Steve and Bucky have a long history. They have known each other almost their whole lives. Buck always looked out and defended Steve at his weakest points in Brooklyn when there were children. Steve had to return the favour and protect Bucky at all costs. As much as Tony was a fellow avenger, he was ready to fight him in order to defend Bucky as he could not let his friend die. At this point, we realise that Tony’s grudge with Bucky id not about the world’s safety, but about vengeance for his parents’ death (Lie 15-20).

In the final fight, Steve prevent Tony from killing Bucky Barnes. At this point, Tony yells that the shield which Steve uses was made by Tony’s father, Howard Stark, therefore it did not belong to him. He fell betrayed that Steve was using that shield to protect his father’s murderer. Steve then drops the shield and leaves it behind. We realise that there is no winner in this scenario. Both Steve and Tony realise that they have wronged each other by their actions against each other. Things are no longer the same as the avengers team is divided. However, Steve informs Tony that he can ask him for help in the future when he need to fight off villains. Despite the contempt they have for one another, they are superheroes and have a responsibility to maintain safety in the world (Beaty 320).

In conclusion, the movies shows how friends can be divided by political affiliation as well as the decisions they make due to their emotional attachments. The avengers are supposed to be a family of superheroes. However, some feel that their actions should be limited so as to prevent further destruction of cities while others are of the opinion that the government should not control them since it cannot fully protect the people. There is an explosion at the United Nations meeting where the king of Wakanda dies. Bucky is set up to take the fall and is therefore a wanted man. Steve decides to protect Bucky since he cannot let his childhood friend die. Tony realises that Bucky was responsible for his parents’ death and is therefore driven by revenge to kill Bucky. He also feels disappointed that Steve is defending his father’s murderer and tell him about his shield. The friendship between the avengers is destroyed as they have taken sides with either Tony or Steve. However, they will still work together to save the world.

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