Architecture Software

The game marketplace

The game marketplace is quickly fragmenting, leaving no company able to influence the industry in one direction (De Prato, Feijóo, & Simon, 2014). As a result, there is a greater requirement for strategy adjustment to ensure proper performance. These policies include forming adequate research and development teams, IT teams, and developing a worldwide marketing strategy to expand market reach.

Customers' preferences

Customers' preferences are constantly shifting (Schultz et al., 2015). Excellent software design may imply high-quality work, resulting in a larger market share for Fantasy Games. Since this is a company with a good reputation and the customers are sure that the products are always to their taste, it is most likely that the company will have better performance in the industry. Coupled with other strategies such as increasing the distribution of the video games, better testing of the products, increased research for better performance and good customer relations, then the possibilities for the success of the software architecture are so high. However, it is also possible that the design will not produce the desired quality in the gaming industry. Such a situation will mean decrease in the confidence of the customers, reduced sales and decline in the market share.

The new software architecture

The new software architecture will be able to help the business overcome stagnation (Kollenscher et al., 2017). This is because it enables the company to become agiler and able to compete with other fast-growing companies. It is possible to overcome stagnation because the IT will be more improved as well as the quality of work. Recession in the marketplace results from lack of new ideas or methods of performing business. As such, competition from other companies may even force the underperforming one out of business. Therefore, the modern software architecture developed by Fantasy Games will go a long way in enhancing performance and increasing its competitiveness in the industry. It will as well serve as a tool to enable the company improves its market share through better quality video games.

The primary motivation

The primary motivation for the development of the software architecture is changing business performance. With the continued increase in technology, there is an increasing need to keep improving the business activities (Boons & Lüdeke-Freund, 2013). Doing the things the same way only brings poor performance and hence since new developments guarantee better performance it is better to adopt them. Fantasy Games is a company that has also grown from a minimal profit margin to billions of dollars. Therefore, to maintain the excellent performance, it is necessary to continue being innovative and hence create new software architecture. Thus, the desire to remain profitable is the primary driver towards this innovative step. It is also essential to be able to ensure the customers are satisfied with the quality of the products and as such, since it is the goal of every business to gain a good customer base, the people are encouraged to come up with good architecture.

The impact of not adopting this new architecture

The impact of not adopting this new architecture to the business is that it is not able to meet ethical standards in producing the video games. It is also not possible to carry out a competitive activity in the market. The industry is evolving, and only new techniques can dominate the market. Failure to adopt this structure will lead to the other companies overcoming Fantasy Games and therefore lead to reduced profits. Individuals working in the business require having a stable group that has increased revenue so that they can grow professionally. Failure to implement this architecture will, therefore, hurt the performance of the workers. It will also lead to reduced opportunities, and hence career development is not possible for individuals. Such a move also affects all the individuals working in the company. The society, on the other hand, requires high-quality video games which will be able to increase their satisfaction. Therefore, reduced architecture discourages them from purchasing such games.

This architecture should be able to minimally provide an interface

This architecture should be able to minimally provide an interface between the different teams that work on various aspects of the video game so that the final product is of high quality. The people working on research should be able to communicate well with the IT team as well as the other stakeholders to ensure that there is no misunderstanding among all of them. This architecture should also be able to bring out new products at the end of the process. As such, the new product should be able to meet the requirements and expectations of the end user.

Architects are people who come up with structured solutions

Architects are people who come up with structured solutions that can meet the technical and operational requirements and focuses on optimizing quality, security, and manageability of the systems (Klein, 2016). Therefore, as an architect, one should be able to come up with a system that produces a high-quality end product. Ensuring good quality building and testing is required. The system should also offer enough security such that infiltration by foreign entities is difficult. Such a system is also vital to be manageable so that the workers can be in a position to manage it.


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