The American Revolution and the Goals of Independence

The American Revolution was an uprising against British imperial rulers. Its objectives were to acquire sovereignty over the European state system and to free itself from tyranny. It also sought to establish a system of self-government, declare equal rights for all citizens, and establish the rule of law. The United States Constitution is hailed as the fruit of the American Revolution. It adhered closely to the principles of the US Constitution. Goals of the American Revolution included independence from colonialist rule, achieving equality for all people, and establishing an independent nation. The Articles of Confederation was in place, however, it did not fully bolster these goals (Morison 1769). This was because the regulations in the Articles of Constitution was not strong enough. It had a loose correlation between States, and it created a federal government with limited powers. Considering that during and after the Revolution there was a need for a strong state that would govern the whole country and stabilize and unite all people, Articles of Confederation was not befitting. For instance in crucial issues, like defense, public finance, trade, the federal government relied on the state administration. It was an arrangement that was not sound nor did it encourage stability or strength (Morison 1772). The Congress, for instance, could pass the laws, however, they had no powers to enforce them. Articles of Confederation, therefore, was not ideal at the time.

The Formation of the US Constitution

The shortcomings of Articles of Confederation led to the formation of the US Constitution. This Constitution, therefore, can be said to be more faithful to goals of American Revolution. The Constitution is the central instrument that drives the American government and for many over two centuries has served as a model for other constitutions globally (Morison 1774). During the Revolution, the constitution helped in stabilizing the country since it guided the government institutions on the basis of political stability, personal freedom, economic growth, rights as well as social development. Unlike the Articles of Confederation, Constitution formed a strong federal government. The congress also has the right to standardize the trade amongst the states. The goal of US Constitution was simply to establish a strong government which is responsible for the will of the people and this was the foundation for American Revolution.

The Influence of the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence which stated the reasons why British colonies in Northern America wanted independence. Articles of Confederation was not crafted well enough to support go in line with this Declaration of Independence (Jefferson 16). The Constitution, on the other hand, fully supports the reasons stated in the Declaration of Independence like the need for equal rights for all citizens as well as the unchallengeable rights of life, freedom as well as a quest for happiness.

The Role of Government and Thomas Paine's Perspective

Thomas Paine in Common Sense argues that the government is meant to protect its citizens, their lives, freedom, and property. The Constitution, therefore, goes in line with Paine's perspective (Paine 15). Constitution does not accord with powers to persons since he or she can use it to oppress others like the British system which American Revolution purposed to overthrow.

Comparison of Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution

Both articles of federation and US Constitution were the culmination of American Revolution and attempted to fulfill the interests and goals of the American colonists. Articles of Confederation, however, was not well articulated enough to create a powerful government (Morison 1780). In fact, after the Revolution, the nation nearly collapsed since it did not create a strong federal government like in the US Constitution. US Constitution, therefore, can be said to have been the basis of a strong and powerful federal government which has put the United States as the world superpower. American colonists wanted a government that can stand on its own, accord its people equal rights and freedom, protect the country's territories and the Constitution exactly does that.

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