All that is Solid Melts into Air and Detroit


It is clear from this text that everything that is considered holy is actually profaned, and at last men are forced to face the sober senses that encompass the true conditions pertaining to their relationships with other men as well as their lives. This text draws on the readings All That is Solid Melts Into Air and Detroit (Berman 89). As a result, among other things, people’s values and political beliefs are influenced by their neighborhoods, means of communication and transportation, workplaces, daily routines, and forms of entertainment.

Neighborhood Influences

A person's values and political sentiments can be determined and greatly influenced by their area of residence. If it happens that a person lives in a neighborhood that is characterized with people who hold high a certain belief, for instance, Christianity beliefs and doctrines, this person will tend to be assimilated into these beliefs. Through everyday interactions with the people in the neighborhood, this person can learn the new beliefs and become part of the new culture. Likewise, if the neighborhood tends to support a given political ideology, definitely this individual, in the long run, will tend to incline to this political idea or agenda. Similarly, if the neighborhoods are leading a certain class of life, every individual in the same neighborhood will try to lead a similar life for conformity purposes. If everybody in the neighborhood owns a car, you will find that any individual who does not own one will strive to acquire one. The neighborhood also can affect the beliefs of individuals regarding various aspects of life, for instance, marriage. When all the individuals in the neighborhood are married and happily live together, any other person will tend to believe that by marrying, individuals lead happy lives.

Workplace Influences

The place of work has also been determined to influence the values and political sentiments of individuals. Places of work are usually characterized by interactions that can be one to one or group to group, either during work times or outside work. During this interactions, the workmates can influence one's beliefs or political sentiments either positively or negatively. They can be influenced to believe that supporting the government of the day is crucial to their job security as their organization can stand to receive some favors. Some employees may be coming from different backgrounds or religious beliefs and can help determine other employees' beliefs or political sentiments. For example, the Christians can convert their non-believing colleagues into their faith. In addition, they can make them shun political affiliations that do not bolster development and the well being of the society. Equally important, the rules and policies in organizations can shape the beliefs of the employees. For instance, the policies restricting smoking in the workplace can change one's behavior of smoking or drinking in his or her life.

Entertainment Influences

Different forms of entertainment - what people listen to, experience or see - reflects often what different people idealize and think of in terms of success, appeal, and beauty. Thusly, what individuals are surrounded by largely affect their own perceptions in regard to what they should be or what they should accomplish in life. It should be noted that entertainment is actually everywhere - music, movies, and television. Our culture of entertainment, without us, realizing it, normally pervades our day-to-day lives besides impacting our personal attitudes and perceptions. From political beliefs to clothing style, one cannot doubt that the different forms of entertainment which we encounter every day, be it on radio, screens or televisions, influences our behaviors or actions in a certain manner. Entertainment forms, furthermore, is affecting how people think and behave. For instance, by people disregarding all that they perceive to be untrue in entertainment media, it is definite that they as well disregard all the messages in advertisements because commonly advertisements present models and actors in simulated situations. Music can be used to pass political propaganda and this can make individuals develop a mentality of just consuming what they hear without an effort to scrutinize it first to ascertain the validity of the information.

Communication Influences

The communication style of people can as well impact their values and political sentiments. In contrast to what many individuals think, the communication style is not entirely determined by one's personality. In fact, it is influenced by our choices regarding how others communicate in a trial and error attempt, life experiences, watching others, and parental influence. For instance, political leaders can choose a style of communication which they are pretty sure will make their audiences accept their political ideas or agenda. Probably, the way they communicate influences their beliefs and political choice, and this impacts their thinking. Eventually, the way of commuting of individuals can help determine their values and political sentiments. People who walk to work may desire to one-day own cars just like those who drive to work so that they can arrive at work on time. Also, it is a common phenomenon for people who drive to work to tend to associate with high political figures in the society and therefore, they tend to incline to certain political divides.


In summation, it is apparent that the ways individuals live actually shapes their thinking as well as their political ideas. The places of work of individuals, their neighborhoods, the forms of entertainment they encounter, and the manner in which they commute and communicate help to determine their political sentiments and values in different ways. Thus, it is true that all that is solid melts into air and Detroit.

Work Cited

Berman, Marshall. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air. London [u.a.]: Verso, 2010. Print.

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