About Organizational Behaviors

Good Organizational Behaviors

Good organizational behaviors are essential for corporate organizations to ensure that everything runs properly. This will necessitate the hiring of competent employees with strong job abilities. They will collaborate to ensure that success is accomplished.

Instilling a Positive Attitude

Many businesses have been successful in instilling a positive attitude about their employment. This serves as motivation to improve such firms' overall performance. Both employers and employees benefit from a happy mindset. This makes them more attached to what they do, and they are ready to defend it without hesitation. For instance, organizations that offer such services that may look tiring or dirty the workers will not shy away from their duties when they embrace a positive attitude towards their work. It also discourages absenteeism from work, and consequently, it ensures punctuality of staff members.

Initiating a Strong Work Ethic

An organization is better placed when it initiates a strong work ethic. Work ethics involves; dealing with customers politely, avoiding selling of poor quality goods, giving reliable information about a commodity among others (Sedniev, 2016). This helps in increasing confidence in buyers gearing towards encouraging more and more customers. Organizations are also working very hard to ensure that they enhance teamwork. Teamwork works as a weapon against any discrimination that may arise. This is mostly secured by motivating employees in several ways like awarding them by best performance. Good communication skills are critical for any business firm (Lusthaus, 2010). It is through communication that harmony is well developed.

Improving Job Performance

Job performance improves continuously when there is the proper use of skills like time management. This involves the development of work schedules to be followed. This helps in making sure that work continues at any given time. It is also apparent that an organization that employees with effective communication skills will enjoy the benefit of boosting its sales (Lusthaus, 2010). Buyers will also feel comfortable to revisit a business where they are served with respect and politeness. The confidence of consumers is also increased when they are given reliable information about an individual commodity they may be buying.

Solving Problems and Maximizing Output

Problems that arise in organizations are easily solved when there are proper planning is put in place. I would embrace skills like an appropriate use of available time to increase in quality and also the quantity of output (Stephen & Timothy , 2014).This will help in maximizing the profit margin. It is also important to motivate employees by ensuring that they have an easy time working in my firm. Planning for a motivational strategy is another formula that can help to increase the confidence of workers as they strive to be the best. It is also necessary to employ a crew that has excellent communication skills. Such skills make it easier to deal with customers rather than hiring people who will not be respectful to buyers.

The Impact of Unethical Behaviors

Unethical behaviors create an inferior customer relation. This acts as a threat to the firm because customers will run away. Buyers will not, in any case, tolerate being served by staff members who are rude to them (Lusthaus, 2010). Sending customers away will automatically lower the rate of stock turnover. This bears bitter fruits to such a business. In any case, the objective of setting up business firms is to gain profits. However, no advantage can be realized when customers are mishandled.

Lack of proper management of time will also lead to several inconveniences such as lateness. It is uncomfortable for buyers to queue as they wait to buy goods or services simply because the seller has not opened (Lusthaus, 2010). It is not before long that they will think of visiting another firm that offers them the service at their own appropriate time.

Concealing of information or giving misleading information to the buyer is another unethical behavior that destroys the confidence of customers toward an individual business organization (Lusthaus, 2010). Nobody will accept to be tricked similarly more than once. The consequence is that such a business organization will end up having a significantly reduced number of customers.


From the above illustrations, business organizations need to embrace work skills that will be advantageous to them by ensuring there is a consistent flow of services offered. This will increase customer attraction increasing the overall performance of the firm. When all these considerations are put in place, a high profit will be realized.


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