About Cultures

The Ideals and Values of a Society

The ideals by which a society abides are decided by a culture. Such ideals are recognized by society as defining features of an individual part of it, are maintained and valued by all. Over time, these ideals and features are generated and passed on from generation to generation, showing a lifelong connection to society. This excellent recognition distinguishes a society from one generation to another and reveals its particularity as contrasted with another culture or society. These values are a pride to any society as they represent their inner position, distinguishing phenomena with any other society, race, or people. This paper will analyze two cultures, that is the American and the Indian culture and exemplify these assertions.

The American Culture

Kendall writes of the various values that the American people associate with (Kendall, D. 2015). Individualism so to say is the main point of focus and differentiation of this culture. Capitalism they call it exemplifies the exact way of life of the American people. This culture is so intricate that every policy and law showcase a people who love individualism and care about one's success even at the expense of another. The others are freedom and liberty, equality, material comfort, group superiority, and progress. This bucket list showcases the main underpinnings of the existence of these people.

Individualism, on one hand, showcases a people ready to thrive at a personal level. This means that every person has to be productive to survive in this society. Superiority complexity so termed has enabled this society to dominate in the world economics and influence. Their belief that they are the best explains simply the American dream and philosophy. To achieve this, freedom and liberty are at the heart of it and therefore well entrenched in the lives. Everyone is free to experience their lives and chase whatever they will. The laws are there to facilitate these ambitions and life aspirations. It is called the "Free State".

The Indian Culture

India, on the other hand, showcases a different setup. The culture is heavily entrenched in family groupings. People thrive at a family level. Their set up is so family-centric that members of an extended family stay under the same roof. This means their lives revolve around one another and it's easy to check how a relative is doing in life. Rather than individualism, group work or the socialism culture is well-entrenched. Freedom for the Indians is not the same as that experienced by the Americans. The scale at least can be said to be small. Things to do with marital issues are determined mainly by family heads and the society is somewhat patriarchal with men taking a key position in society in comparison to women. Equality, therefore, is not the order of the day as compared to the American way.

Analyzing the Two Cultures

Clear distinctions can be seen from the two sides. I personally like the American individualism culture due to the fact that every person is given the chance to pursue what they love doing. Their Indian counterparts decide for their children most of the times even the courses and careers to pursue. Individualism and freedom ensure that laziness is avoided among persons who could be beneficiaries of a group set up. However, family, friendship, personality, and appreciation are values that I would add to the American list to ensure that other people's perspective and opinions are respected and given an equal chance. Individualism can mean tainting others to be on top and these values could help the society achieve greater goals.

In conclusion, a culture defines a people but the same should be well checked to ensure the values that best ensure posterity of any society are upheld. Learning and embracing values that would strengthen the culture from another society is also important to ensure an all-rounded approach to living.


Kendall, D. (2015). Sociology in our times (10th ed.) [Vital Source Bookshelf Version].

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