A stereotype is a widely held but unchanging belief about a specific kind of person or object. Stereotyping typically has an adverse effect on the sufferers' sense of self. One of the ways a Latina can break the stereotype is by becoming more conscious of her inner emotions and thoughts. The victim must realize that internalizing these prejudices could impede their development. Interaction is another advantageous strategy for avoiding stereotypes. Latina should freely engage with the other groups so she can be accepted quickly. The aspect of being different from the other regarding dressing code as well as the way of doing things may heighten the vice of being stereotyped (Rodríguez 115)

What Confer ought to do?

The truth is that we all stereotype a particular group of people. In most cases, stereotyping doesn’t harm the productivity of the victimized group. However, it hurts the self-esteem of the subject concerned. Confer is stereotyped over the clothes she wears as well as her origin. In fact, she is required to mature faster as other women. Her way of dressing is governed by the traditions, and the aspect affects her psychologically. One thing that she can do is to try and fit in the new age set. For instance, although dress-code is dictated by her parental guidance, she ought to do some changes especially when she is with her friends. The aspect will allow her to comfortably fit in the new age set and avoid being stereotyped. In other cases, she ought to use the skill of avoidance. It is not a must for her to attend all the birthday parties she is invited. In fact, if wearing certain clothes is a taboo as per her tradition, staying behind the doors of the individuals requested would save her self-esteem. The aspect is due to the fact that the stereotype due to her dress-code won’t affect her much. Being busy can also help her in avoiding the stereotypes. If she involves herself with work from time to time, it will be difficult for her to experience the direct impact of the stereotypes (Rodríguez 115)

Other Stereotypes

Nowadays, there are more stereotypes than ever before. They include men and women stereotypes, white to black stereotypes as well as ethnic and adolescent stereotypes. In most cases, people see things being done by a particular group of individuals and automatically thinks that every person belongs to the group does the same job. For instance, there are many stereotypes against the teenagers. Such stereotypes include the aspect that teenagers cause trouble, they are corrupt, they drink and smoke too much and that they don’t respect their elders as well as being lazy. Although there are a good number of young men who don’t work and drink too much, they aspect doesn’t apply to all young men and women. In fact, there are young men who have never tasted the beer. Similarly, women are always stereotyped as being weak and backbiters. On the other hand, men are said to be hardworking and very strong. On the contrary, some women are powerful, hard-working and they rarely backbite. In the same case, there are also men who are very weak such that they can’t afford to feed themselves let alone their families. White men are always regarded as wealthier as and wiser than the black. The aspect is just but a stereotype as there are black men who are more prosperous than the white. In the same way, not all white men are wise about the things they do.

Work Cited

Rodríguez, Carolina Fernandez. "Latina Super-heroines: Hot Tamales in Tights vs. Women Warriors, Wrestlers and Guerrilla Fighters of La Raza." Complutense Journal of English Studies 23 (2015): 115.

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