You Foolish Men by Sor Juana

The Stupid Men is Sor Juana's poem. Juana writes a poem about men who do not see women's beauty and decency. Juana indicates clearly that men should stop accusing or disciplining women because they are also at fault. The poem asks Juana, "Who else can do wrong? Though who is more to blame? Who sins for pay or pays for sin? Who sins for pay? " " " (Stanza 14 Line 1-4). She sends a message to the men to stop being angry with a culpability for "his own work." Sor Juana tells men to stop acting crazy and criticizing women, yet they invite them with immeasurable desire. You Foolish Men provides stunning logical arguments that women are not evil as men make them seem.

In the poem You Foolish Me, several verses are pertinent to the world today. For instance, in the poem, Sor Juana rebukes the men who seek out pleasure from women but look at the women who seek pleasure from men as dirty and filthy. This is evident when she writes “ You foolish men who lay the guilt on women, not seeing you’re the cause of the very thing you blame; if you invite their disdain with measureless desire why wish they well behave if you incite to ill” (stanza 1 line 1-4, 2 Line 1-4). Juana reminds the men that they are the main cause for women seeking pleasure from them because they are available for the same. Just like in this stanza, this same situation is relevant to the world today because men tend to blame women who practice prostitution as filthy yet they also participate in the act. Just like in the poem, in today’s world, men have failed to see the beauty of women and to respect them no matter how modest they are. This is because, if they reject them, then the women are seen as ungrateful, and if they accept their advances, then they are seen as sinful and unworthy.

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