Work Delegation Impact

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I choose the paying job on an irrigation farm based on question one. Some roles and obligations allowed the delegation to be conducted in a smooth and efficient manner. The definition reduces heavy tasks at top and spreads them to other workers, as Batemen, Snell and Konopaske explained in their work (Management, Pg.3). I am an irrigation farm change supervisor. I still have to assign assignments to other workers to perform the irrigation farm effectively. The farm runs a software that uses an automated hardware to ensure irrigation. A few days ago, I assigned an employ to monitor the flow of water in the fields and control (Pamela, P. 2008, Pg,1). The idea was to assist in water conservation and optimizing water application. I prepared some procedure and left the HHA

HHA incorporated his own procedures. I was much aware that he knew how to handle crucial procedures like starting and stopping irrigation through supply channels and outlets by reading the sensors, starting and stopping the pumps and finally cutting of the flow of water from one irrigation field and directing it to the other area (Ali, H. (2010, Pg.2). However, I was wrong to operate on the assumptions. I discovered later that he failed to follow the right procedure of using the hardware thus messing up a good portion of the job. Some of the fields had been over-irrigated. I discovered that some pumps had not been stopped thus wasting a lot of water. On further checking, I realized that other areas had not received water. The whole scenario had a negative impact on the normal growth of the crops.

Question 2

Basing on Ali, (2010, Pg.3) on improving the chances of a successful outcome, I ought to have explained to him what was required to be done at the first place. Secondly, I could have confirmed his level understanding pertaining the automated irrigation by asking him to give a brief description of the process. Thirdly, I could have tried to know his commitment towards the work by telling him about the consequences both on the company and him should he fail to deliver good job. Perhaps these ideas could have improved the performance and eradicated the failures


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