Woman Escapes Las Vegas Shooting and California Fires

"Woman survived slaughter, returns to torched house," a CNN news article written by Dakin Andone and published on October 15th, 2017. The article relates the tale of Michella Flores, a flight attendant who encountered a range of emergency scenarios in her life. She became a victim of circumstances over the last few weeks, which prompted her to see things from a completely different perspective, as Dakin pointed out (2017). On the 1st of October, she barely escaped a shooting in Las Vegas while watching the performance of Jason Aldean from outside the fence because she did not have a ticket. Aparently, a gunman opened fire and killed 58 people, at the same time wounding hundrends within the venue (Dakin, 2017).

Flores confirmed to CNN that when she went home to Santa Rosa in California, the wild fires that devastated North California were approaching their home. She requested her mum to start packing so that they could vacate the danger zone. After leaving the house to take her dog to a safe park, she heard the mention of a road near her parent’s home from a local fire dispatch (Dakin, 2017). On calling home, her mother confirmed that the fire was at the bottom of their driveway but the house was mostly intact. It was not until after her training that evening that she found out that the house later fully got consumed by fire.

Flores did not consent to the fact that the two scenarios would affect her psychologically since she was used to seeing such disasters happen to other people (Dakin, 2017). She however ascertained that it later became a challenging memory for her to handle despite the fact that she never thought the situation would impact on her in such a big manner. Sleeping is a problem to her due to devastation and mental torment. She is nonetheless thankful to God though they do not have much because she is living with her mum at rentals she had prepared earlier as pointed by Dakin (2017).

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