Whitewashing in media

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Media plays a crucial role in communication because it is one of the networking mechanisms because the signals conveyed by the media have a very important impact on people. Whitewashing has been noticeable in many Hollywood movies and movies that include a white male or female actress portraying another character from a different ethnic background (Scherker 10). Mass communications and various forms of correspondence creativity have a gigantic effect that fits into a fiddle popular feeling and a fundamental appraisal. The media act as outlets of knowledge, and this in itself contributes to understanding if it is delivered in a sensible, independent and unprejudiced manner (Robinson 11). Nevertheless, there are likewise two unique sorts of whitewashing. One is when movie producers take a verifiably ethnic individual or gathering of individuals and cast a white on-screen character or performer. The other is the point at which a book is adjusted into a film, and an ethnic individual or gathering of individuals is given a role as white.

Whitewashing controversies and other related cases have been evident in the past and at present to which Hollywood movies are seen to propagate this issue. It raises concerns on the progress made concerning embracing diversities especially in the media, which has a major influence on a large number of people. The filmmakers should take into considerations the impact that these controversies have on the integration process and the need to embrace diversity globally since the foreign film markets is now gaining importance. There is a complete absence of people from diverse backgrounds except the whites which is an indication of diversity strategy depending upon a tokenistic inclusion instead of integration (Rinchen 208-213). This results in underrepresentation of characters along their racial or ethnic groups or they may be entirely excluded from the mediated storytelling. Casting of non-white film characters in Hollywood is a clear indication of the extent that the other races are being looked down upon hence there is need for us to advocate for equality when it comes to movie screening to depict the current diverse world.

Plainly media outlets and movie industry keeps on to indecently whitewash as evident in the past. In case you take a gander at the movies produced amid 2015 alone, there is an aggravating pattern. In the event that the roles in the films keep on being whitewashed, our kids will continue creating unfortunate conceptions of racial equity. However, if children see more positive and enabling portrayals of POC, particularly in film and TV, it will without a doubt start to have an intense effect, the same number of famous people have authenticated (Nelson 9). The negative impacts of deception in the entertainment industry are evident in our public’s most conspicuous figures. Hollywood displays deception, as well as underrepresentation also which should be addressed and eliminated immediately. This eradication and stereotyping has an assortment of potential results, both for our view of certain ethnic gatherings and for the effects it has on the entire society. While in movies the white performers are assuming numerous critical or major roles, the crooks in the film are frequently ethnic minorities (Scherker 5).

The media as a form of communication should be used in an ethically responsible way and not portray the whitewashing controversies that were evident in the past and stull propagated now. Whitewashing should stop being portrayed in the movies due to the fact that we mentally and psychologically need a fair representation in the media. In this manner, it is essential to ask that if whitewashing neither aides nor upsets a film’s monetary achievement, why not simply stop it. The pattern is hostile, supremacist, destructive, periodically generally false, and financially unremarkable (Rinchen 208-213). Ideally, entertainment industry and media as ways of communication will start understanding this soon, and end its history of whitewashing finally. All forms of communication should depict respect for diversity and work towards promoting the integration of diverse background since in every setting diversity is now becoming an important factor that can bring about organizational success. The stereotyping, misrepresentation and underrepresentation portrayed in the mass media and other agents of communication (Scherker 12).

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