Washington News and CatchNews Relationship about Conflict

On December 4, 2017, Anna Fifield wrote an article for the Washington Post and CatchNews reported on the dispute between the United States and North Korea.

Both the story and the report from CatchNews centered on the battle rehearsal, which included simulated strikes on North Korea following a missile test-launch carried out by North Korea.

The Subjects of the article by Julius Borger in Anna Fifield in Washington Post and CatchNews are U.S., South Korea begin air combat drills that include simulated strikes on North Korea and South Korea, and U.S. begin massive air combat drills amid North Korean threats respectively.

The two titles relay the Global conflict threat that might be caused by the fight between the US and North Korea.

Similarities in reporting technique

The title reporting techniques used by Anna Fifield and CatchNews are similar regarding the objective the two authors had to their audience or readers; for example the two articles use the term combat drills two enlighten the readers about what kind of exercise do US and North Korea military is performing and the adverse consequences that such drills may cause.

Differences in reporting technique

The differences in title reporting approaches are slightly small due to the reason that Fifield used a Video clip to elaborate and provide evidence on what really happens.

Whereas CatchNews just write news and included a photo to bring a picture of what is happening.

Therefore, the evidence used by the two writers brings a minor difference as far as the readers' attention attraction is concerned (Missouri, 2016).


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CatchNews (2017). South Korea, US begin massive air combat drills amid North Korean threats. http://www.catchnews.com/world-news/south-korea-us-begin-massive-air-combat-drills-amid-north-korean-threats-91453.html. Accessed on December 7, 2017

Missouri, G. (2016). News reporting and writing. Place of publication not identified: Bedford Bks St Martin'S.

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