Types of Purposes

The Three Ranges of Purpose

The three ranges of purpose are primary, secondary, and tertiary. The primary purpose attracts the attention of the audience and keeps them attentive to the speaker. Therefore, the speaker knows the instructions offered.

The secondary purpose articulates ideas in a manner that makes the listener pay attention. The stage appeals to the audience and makes them develop an interest in the subject matter discussed. The level requires honesty in observation of ethos and a mastery of the subject beneath discussion.

Lastly, the tertiary level invokes emotions from the audience. Tertiary purpose develops a connection between the audience and the speaker through an address of their expectations.

Ethos and Building Trust

Ethos refers to the beliefs held by the speaker and their communication to the audience. It prevents the speaker from lying to the audience through an expression of their value for honesty. When a speaker capitalizes on maintaining ethos throughout the communication, the audience develops confidence and trust towards the speaker. It becomes easier for the audience to connect with the speaker, creating an emotional connection that makes the conversation fruitful. The development of trust and emotional connection makes it easier for the speaker to convince the audience and pass the message effectively.

Building Ethos with the Audience

Speakers can build ethos with the audience by providing truthful information that addresses the concerns of the readers. The truth develops trust between the two groups and makes the audience keen on listening for details. Based on the relationship created, the audience and the speaker can connect emotionally and build the level of trust higher. However, if the speaker exaggerates the information presented or becomes deceptive, the audience loses faith in the speaker, leading to a destruction of trust. Therefore, the development of ethos is possible through sincerity and honesty, which builds trust.

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