Triangle Insurance Company

The Incident and Insurance

The driver, who was also the car's proprietor, can be referred to as the insured in this situation, along with Triangle Insurance Company, which can be referred to as the insurer. In the event that the danger insured against materializes, the insurer's duty is to compensate the insured. The insured need only pay their regular taxes and submit a claim for compensation should the event they are covered against materialize. In 2004, this case incident took place in the American state of Ohio. In the above stated case, it is recorded that as the driver was accelerating during the dark hours, he hit a stationary lorry which happened technical hitches, but had to hazard lights on. No one was hurt in the incident as the driver managed to slow down the car to almost twenty miles per hour before the impact. The bonnet of the car was however badly destroyed and the front lights were all broken.

Fault and Responsibility

Considering what failed in the case, it can be said that the owner of the stationary lorry made the mistake. It is the duty of the owner to notify other motorists of a technical hitch in the car by indicating the hazards lights at the minimum, so at least other motorists can spot a stationary vehicle.

Official Enquiries and Driver's Responsibility

The official enquiries found out that the owner of the lorry had made a mistake. The driver of the car was not also left out as it was said that were it not for the speed he was driving at, he would have managed to control the car to zero kilometers per hour before the impact.

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