Transformational Leadership as the best leadership style

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is the best leadership style in my opinion since it produces the highest results in corporate performance while also promoting social welfare. Transformational leadership considers not only the organization's financial goals, but also the interests of subordinates who engage in change management decision making (Judge and Piccolo, 2004). I am confident in my ability to implement the transformational leadership style because I have strong communication skills that will enable me to successfully connect with subordinates in order to attain company goals and objectives. I am also skilled since I can motivate others to work successfully in order to attain the general goals of the firm. The transition from the leadership of the previous nurse may affect the new position because employees who are not used to the new style may resist the change. The employees may not be ready for such transformation because they are used to be given directions and instructions on what to do. The new transformational style will require the subordinates to make decisions on their own, which may be difficult at first. My assessment plan in the new role may include: current goals and expected outcomes, health records, and tasks (Ackley, 2010). The assessment plan will identify the priorities and current activities that nurses engage in, and the expected outcomes; this assessment identifies gaps between expected outcomes and real outcomes.

Assessing RN retention plan

When assessing RN retention plan, I also need to know possible causes of the problem and motivation levels of current employees. I need to know what motivates nurses, what they lack, and what they want. It is important to understand the work environment and find out possible causes of dissatisfaction. Shared governance may improve quality of service in the new leadership position. It will improve the work environment for nurses, leading to increased nurse satisfaction and retention.


Ackley, B. (2010). Nursing diagnosis handbook: an evidence-based guide to planning care. Maryland Heights: Mosby.

Judge, T.A., and Piccolo, R.F. (2004). Transformational and Transactional Leadership: A Meta-Analytic Test of Their Relative Validity. Journal of Applied Psychology, 89(5), 755-68.

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