Thomas Paine: from Common Sense, 681-689

Thomas Paine describes the community as individuals who are together with the greater good in order to accomplish a specific purpose. The situation is not true, since some individuals in a group can have very different interests that function in the opposite direction than others. They do not share any interest whatsoever. Paine agrees with the notion that the government is there to defend man from his vices is wrong. The government plays a part in the administration and distribution of resources and is accountable to the public through democratic elections. He portrays that people need more of the government than they need. He also furthers the argument than the idea of having Kings is not in order and uses the Bible to discredit the British way of rule. The point is that the people have the right to choose the kind of leadership they will subscribe to in their societies. So many a political reformer will tell you,-and many a private reformer, too, who has gone among them with a heart tender with Christ’s charity, and come out outraged, hardened (Baym et al. 1708).
Paine narrows the roles of government in protecting life, liberty, and prosperity. However, looking at the constitutions of many nations, there is more. Also, he fails to define the extent of support the government should be held liable in case people fail to achieve any of the three goals. Would you blame the government if people failed to prosper? It would have been defined because, in society, some people prosper while others do not. Also, a country may prosper, but some individuals in the same society are left behind.
Paine propagates the idea that having kings is a thing to be left for Britain. He further claims that the America should stay away from the norms and ways of the British. However, the argument is not entirely productive because they should only pick the best traits from the British and improve on them using their ideologies. Instead of staying away from the British, the Americans should not only form partnerships with other nations but with Britain too. The idea of having kings is a matter of choice and if the people of America choose not to follow that route, the better for them. After the kings of Great Britain had assumed the right of appointing the colonial governors, the measures of the latter seldom met with the ready and general approbation (Baym et al. 373).
In his work, Paine is seen as a radical and short of being elite. He called for demos and was not setting a political agenda to drive political debate. He is a person who opposes rather than offers a way forward. Paine criticizes the British rule but does not explicitly elaborate how America should make its path to success. He launches several attacks on the British system of governance but does not take the time to explain to the people how he thinks the American system to be detailed. Paine does not offer constructive criticism.
Man, according to Paine, was born in a state if equality. Therefore, the idea of some people_x0092_s children being close to power than others is an issue to him. However, the reality of society is that some people are close to power. It is because some are born to families that are ruling, and they have a close look and interest, unlike others who are naturally born far away.
Paine does not support the idea that America flourishes under British rule. He mentions that America has evolved and no longer needs to help of the British. Under the British rule, America learned its lessons, which were a factor in its development. It took the opportunity to make things better and stand by its people in unison. Therefore, it is from Britain_x0092_s rule that America set its pace towards development. Paine is one of Americans renowned writers. Whitman lectured on Thomas Paine in Philadelphia in 1877 (Baym et al. 1314).

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