The use of boxing in Million Dollar Baby

The Use of Boxing as an Allegory

The use of boxing in Million Dollar Baby is an allegory of the dirty society existent now. It illustrates a condition of impoverished stars who are risking their lives for success. The utilization of a boxing ring in conjunction with the Gym reflects the harsh reality that individuals face. More deadly clashes occur near the end of the film when players attempt to box one other. All of these incidents indicate that humans must go through difficult times in order to grow.

The Role of Darkness and Light

What role do darkness and light play in this film? If the movie was screened more brightly, would this change your responses to the development of the narrative?

The scene at the gym depicts both dull and bright colors. Bright colors are seen at the exterior side of the property. The light is used to portray the distinguishable aspect of the brighter side of the city and the dull industrial wasteland. Dark colors are a representation of the dark conclusion of the story. The story involves painting with light with the aspect of providing light to emphasize on the main subjects of the movie.

The Impact of Bright Colors on the Narrative

There would be much change in the narrative in the film if bright colors were used, meaning the use of bright colors would alter the response if ‘light’ were everywhere. If light colors are used to fill the canvas on the film, it becomes difficult to capture the correct image (Meade, 313).

Work Cited

Top of Form

Meade, Amy P. Million Dollar Baby. Woodbury, Minn: Midnight Ink, 2006.Bottom of Form

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