The United States health sector

The Importance of Monitoring Health Care Indicators

The health sector in the United States monitors health care indicators across the country, resulting in a big multivariate dataset maintained in multiple databases. The general public can access this information and evaluate the various indicators to gain a better understanding of the situation of healthcare in their area. This information can be found on websites such as "Why not the best" (United States Census Bureau, 2017) and "United States Census Bureau" (Why Not the Best, 2017). A comparison of the information about Tesla, Oklahoma on both sites showed crucial indicators of the area's health and quality. When used in clinical practice, this knowledge can help to provide quality healthcare. On the "Why Not the Best?" site (United States Census Bureau, 2017), the Standardized Risk-Adjusted per Capita, about Utilization and Cost, revealed the HRR rate of Tulsa as $9719.66, which rose from $9521.08 since 2011. Differently, the "United States Census Bureau" (Why Not the Best, 2017) indicates that the 22.3% of the people in Tulsa have no health insurance, while 11.0% live with various disabilities. Looking at the information, the assumption brought forward is that the cost of healthcare is increasing over the years, and a significant number of people missing health insurance are disadvantaged because they cannot access the rising cost of health.

The Role of Data in Healthcare Improvement

I think this concept type of reporting meets the transparency reporting on the quality of healthcare in the region. Sharing data across several health facilities and sectors brings about a clear picture that bigger organizations can observe and intervene in extreme cases. Moreover, since the data can be a powerful tool in improving the delivery of modern, personalized, and sustainable health care in different areas.

The Potential Impact on Health Care in Tulsa

I believe that this publicly available information is essential for the improvement of healthcare in an area such as Tulsa. Government and agencies can intervene to ensure that the quality of healthcare is improved significantly, hence benefiting the people and the health care in Tulsa.

Enhancing Clinical Practice through Data Analysis

In conclusion, the collection and analysis of the data in localities across the United States will improve the healthcare provision. In my clinical practice, I am sure that I can use this data to understand the health situation in my working environment. It can familiarize me with the location and the needs of the people, hence easier adjustment and personalize my practice to meet the needs of the citizens.


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