The Story of An Hour by Kate Chopin

Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is a short story exploring the topics of death, time, liberty and imprisonment, as well as contact. The story reveals how sensitive life is; it is not just death that probably triggers someone else's grief and possible mortality. When delivered in the wrong manner, the news of death could lead to death.
In contrast to the theme of life and death, Mrs. Mallard struggles the most. She is overcome by it, and sacrifices her soul ultimately. When Josephine tells her about the death of her husband, the news carries with it her short-lived sorrow. For a moment, she cries, but when she talks of life without Brently, she begins to feel free. This means that she thought that marriage us an oppressive relationship regardless of whether it two people are in love. The death of Brently brings her satisfaction, which is symbolized by the increase in her heartbeat and warmth of her body when she say the word ‘free’ frequently (11). Seeing her husband alive. The doctors report that “she had died of heart disease – of joy that kills” (23). Apparently, the loss of joy was too traumatic to her that it killed her.

Josephine and Richard, on learning of Mr. Mallard’s death, are cautious when informing Louise to avoid shocking her because of her heart condition (1). They do this in order to avoid the loss of her life out of a heart attack. They are unable to prevent her death because they unexpectedly give her the joy of freedom, which is suddenly taken away, thus causing the heart attack, hence her death.

Mr. Brently Mallard is the supposed victim of an accident that apparently killed him. He is unaware of this event and goes on unaffected by it. On arrival home, he faces the loss of his wife out of a heart attack. His state of being alive causes leads to the death of his wife.

Works Cited

Chopin, K. (2014). The Story of an Hour. Harper Collins.

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