the scientific methods

In experiments, scientific approaches are used to reach a decision on an entire topic. A scientist has used a variety of observation techniques, conducting experiments, gathering evidence, processing it, and then producing findings. Scientific approaches are a step-by-step approach to determining a concussion.
It begins with stating the problem. This is the problem that the physicist wishes to tackle. Second, a theory is presented. This is always a potential solution to the problem mentioned at the outset. Finally, a test hypothesis is developed. This will include carrying out an experiment as well if the predictions mentioned were to fix the problem stated. Data collection is done and analyzed to come up with a conclusion.
Scientific "methods are discriminated with pseudoscience by the following facts Pseudoscience never does any research as opposed to science  They will always avoid putting their claims to any meaningful taste  They will still contract themselves and even times with their terms. Pseudoscience will always show indifference to facts All of these issues are discriminate science from pseudoscience.However, science has the following limitation Sometimes scientists will make the false assumption about their study. Secondly, since government funds, most researchers; the researcher decides in favor of them. Also, It is often difficult for the scientist to invalidate any theory even after making an observation that warrants it. Lastly, Some of the scientists confuse opinion with truth. This happens when the method is successful, they fail to discard.According to the research which was conducted in Keflavik international airport, about at facilitation of afforestation by lupines nootkatensis and black plastic mulch, the study was to find out the what happens when mulch of black plastic and nook lupine are aided to establish growth and transplanted seedlings for Sitka spruce. The areas faces set of difficulties as low temperatures, windy and volcanic soils which are easy for soil erosionA hypothesis of this study was testing the survival and growth of transplanted tree seedling facilitated by black plastic mulch. This study followed the required procedure for any research. The research question for this included:What would be the effect of black plastic mulch on the growth of Sitka Spruce?What would be the effect of the abiotic factor on the transplanted seedlings? In any experiment, there is always a control group wall condition necessary for that test and which is used to compare the-the two states. In this research, the control group was seedlings within a lupine cover, also in depression cover, black plastic mulch in non-lupine and .this is because the condition where present which was used for testing.On the other hand experiment group was:Picea salix Betula20 10 10 plastic mulch50 20 20 lupine50 20 20 depression and lupineIn this area there no treatment hence the experiment group.The researcher followed the required rules to conduct this study. This is because he started with the research problem, followed by hypothesis, testing of hypothesis. Afterwards, he went ahead to collect the data which he analyzed and come up with conclusion Based in this experiment, there where biasness because this study was conducted according to the rules required for any research to be doneLastly, according to this study, the hypothesis was concluded. This because of the data analyzed and conclusions made showed support of the hypothesis .Cited workAckoff, R. L. (1962). Scientific method: Optimizing applied research decisions.Skinner, B. F. (1956). A case history in scientific method. American Psychologist, 11(5), 221.Skinner, B. F. (1956). A case history in scientific method. American Psychologist, 11(5), 221."

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