Following careful consideration, I've decided that hiring an additional staff member who will be taking on new assembly duties in my group is important. The GM Company has seen an increase in product market demand, prompting us to engage an additional assembly engineer to assist with group car assembly.

Our organization has a large number of client demands that must be fulfilled. Those working in car checking and parking line have been assembling in their spare time, but given their other responsibilities, there have been incomplete assembly and the process is moving slowly. Car assembly would get done quicker and more accurately with specific individuals responsible for the job.

Skills required

As a group leader, I need to hire a professional post graduate mechanical engineer to help in this work load. The mechanical engineer should be someone well organized, pays close attention to every production process and has preferably had a 3 year car assembly experience.

Salary range

The new automotive and automobile engineer would be paid a salary amount of between $ 2800 - $3500 every moth. Please understand that we are taking these prudent steps to maintain our high demand of our products and this will eventually maintain our customer flow in the

Thank you

Macney Smith- GM Assembly Group Leader

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