The Muslims are Coming

The Muslims are coming is a comedy tour film based on Muslim comics in Middle America. The comedy band tours cities, towns, rural areas, neighborhoods, towns, and conservative areas, and the key reason for visiting these various locations is to teach people about Muslim culture and faith. When meeting the local residents, the comedians will act, who they communicate with openly conveying their message. Through this, they aim to change people’s minds and opinions about Muslim culture.
Via what the media impacts on people regarding the Muslim faith, the Muslim community has been weakened in many parts of Middle America for many years. The people of the Middle America fear Islamic (Muslim) religion because of the hard sharia law. Whereby, the local surveillance by the police on the groups organized by the Muslims to teach the Islamic faith and duly impact on their lives, the opposing words perceived of Islamic to American cultural way of doing things and the Muslim being feared to be associated with terror activities in them. The movie The Muslims Are Coming tries to explain the importance of the Islamic religion and beliefs on the people of the Middle America. They have also to do away with the old thinking on Islam such as the women cover their heads and those Muslim believers having the appearance of being criminals, dishonest and maybe unreliable are evil intended people. Hence, this movie explains or gives new directives on Muslim religion by way of convincing.

The comedians perform in each city town and village where they pay a visit. While the comedians perform they share views about the Islamic religion to the people that have gathered to hear them out. They could give people to give their opinion on the Islamic faith and from there they exchange the conversation with the aim of impacting positively the Islamic religion on them. This movie is featured from the perspective, ideas, images, attitudes and several perceptions with the mainstream of the people of the Islamic religious comedians like Daily show of David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Lewis Black, Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart and of course Soledad O’ Brien of the CNN. This Islamic group of comedians leaves people with smiles on their faces.

This comedian group tour sends the message in a diplomatic way not only through performing on stages in each place they visit they also generate entertaining interventions like that of old’ classic. The comedians also have meals together with the local people as a way of foretelling Islamic religion involves sharing with others.

The objective of this movie ‘the Muslims are coming’ is to have a social life with people from a wide area of perspectives on the Islamic religion issue and point out various matters that are similar to different religions in the Middle America. At the end of this tour movie involving the Muslim comedian, there shall be childlike issues in the conversation. The only differences that emerge at the end are like saying yes or no to pork eating which Muslim religion discourage and again they do not engage in some activities which the other main religions practiced in the Middle America. The main aim on the present American Islamic face is to generate better relations between Muslim and Non-Muslim Americans of all the people of America. Through this, they can have that easiness of getting married from one religion to another without being hindered by whichever religion you belong to.

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