The Man to Send Rainclouds

The essay is primarily based on the story “The man to send rain clouds.” The thesis statement of the research is “The Man to Send Rainclouds” centers on demise and the idea that it’s cyclical or eternal however, it is more practical to believe that death is the ultimate give up of being.” The essay expresses the authors opinion, “it is more realistic to believe that dying is the ultimate end of being,” but it is now not meet all the requirements of a good thesis statement as it does no longer expressly state the reasons that made the author undertake his opinion pertinent to death. Thus, the author should have outlined reason(s) that supports his opinion, such as it is the most logical thing to believe. Giving a support for the opinion in the thesis statement would have made the thesis statement meet all the laid-down requirements.

About the paragraphs

The first body paragraph argues that whether we like it or not death is a part of life, or in fact the end of life.

The second body paragraph posits that the belief that there is eternal life through the souls passing to the afterlife is expressed in many cultures.

The third body paragraph provides science evidence that cognitive thought is not possible after death, providing support for author’s opinion. None of the paragraphs lack main ideas, and none of the paragraph repeats the ideas contained in another paragraph. However, the third body paragraph has more than one main idea; provides science evidence that cognitive thought is not possible after death and later on, gives reasons why the belief of life after death persists. I feel that reasons that make the belief of life after death persists despite scientific evidence should have been handled in their own paragraph. However, I feel that all paragraphs have enough support and do not necessarily require additional support. In addition, the work is not plagiarized; everything, facts and direct quotes are properly cited to avoid any plagiarism. The in-text citations and the reference list are professionally written, and there are no notable mistakes in the document. The document is a credible review of the story “The man to send rain clouds,” Though the thesis statement needs reworking, the essay offers credible review of the story with each paragraph detailing its main argument with adequate support. Further, the work is professionally cited without cases of plagiarism. In addition, the author seems to have understood the facts or ideas as presented in the story rather well, and used them to articulate his opinion.

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