The LEARN assessment tool

The LEARN evaluation tool is a mechanism for determining the success or progress of a medical intervention (Arnold, 2015). I would utilize this instrument to negotiate a plan of action with a patient from another culture by asking him or her to document all noticeable health changes during the intervention. For example, if a patient had back pain, I would ask him to report his progress in the LEARN assessment tool so that I could monitor his progress.

When teaching Asian patients, it is important to be cognizant of nonverbal and subservient communication techniques. While dealing with Asian patients, one must be extremely cautious of the unspoken signal. As such, communicate effectively with patients from this group, it is important that one learns contextual clues and understands the submissive style of communication (Street, et al., 2009).

Communication with patients from different cultures poses various verbal and non-verbal problems that potentially lead to misunderstanding. The problems that I have encountered include unclear pronunciation of certain words and different meanings of gestures from patients with different cultural backgrounds. I responded to these problems by seeking clarification from nurses or other people that understood the cultures. I also made attempts to understand the commonly used confusing expressions by some of the cultures. One way that a nurse can avoid using medical jargons is putting himself or herself in the patient’s shoe. Nurses need to be aware of the communication gestures that have different meanings in different cultures. For instance, while the “thumbs up” gesture is widely used as a sign of approval or agreement, it is used as an insult in the Bangladesh culture.

Develop cultural competence: I would seek to understand the basic elements of the patient’s culture in regard to communication.

Use culturally specific client assessment tools. I would assessment tools that are approved by the client’s culture and acceptable by the client.

Use cross-cultural communication techniques: I would use communication styles and techniques that are understandable by various cultures.

Use diverse inter-professional team members and interpreters. I would ensure that my working team has members from a variety of cultures.

Use linguistically and culturally appropriate teaching strategies and infrastructural materials. All the materials and equipment I use in teaching the patient will be appropriate with the standards of communication and the patient’s culture.


Arnold, E. C., & Boggs, K. U. (2015). Interpersonal Relationships-E-Book: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Street, R. L., Makoul, G., Arora, N. K., & Epstein, R. M. (2009). How does communication heal? Pathways linking clinician–patient communication to health outcomes. Patient education and counseling, 74(3), 295-301.

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