The History of Politics in America

The history of American politics dates back to the 17th century Jamestown era, which saw the first foundation in America of the English Settlements. The political alliances that followed saw the formed House of Burgesses became the first American representative assembly to make trading decisions for Virginia's new settlers. The activities that would accompany the formation of the House of Burgesses, including the Philadelphia Continental Congress, helped to incorporate the concepts of American governance systems. These representative delegates' congresses had, in particular, a similar form of choice in representation and leadership that remained important in determining the leadership structures. The climax of the past political alignment in the US remains defined by the two armed conflict events in the history of the Country. The American Revolution and the Civil War marked critical turning points in the historical, political paths of the country.American Revolution saw the country granted independence from the British Colonial powers. It is at the point of independence that the country laid down the governance tools. Starting with a constitution that recognised federalism as the best structure of government, member states remained semi-autonomous having their government structures and structures for decision-making. The second conflict to shape the American political space was the civil war. The indifferences between states led to an eruption of the conflict that the northern states in collaboration with the slaves, wedged war on the secessionists the Southern Confederate States. The war bordered on the controversial state rights and slavery abolition. Over the ages, the primary features of the past political era included various aspects that double as part of practice in the current governance US political structure. Such features includeInstitutional separation of powersDemocracyCivil rightsThe Institutional Separation of PowersThe institutionalization of the American arms of governments involved a keen manner with which the arms of government had the powers separated. Leadership through representation remained consistent throughout the US political history starting with the Burgesses Congress. The structure of Congress as an institution of representation ensured that citizens aspirations were part of the administrative priorities through their elected leaders. After the Revolution and attaining independence from Britain, the country moved further to form a federal country with states. The structure saw a system of devolved functions and institutions compliant with the institutionalization of governance structures and powers.Democracy and Civil RightsThe history of American politics revolves around the need to safeguard the will and aspiration of the American people. As such, civil rights and Democracy has significantly played an important role in granting the rights of the populace. Drawing inference from the leading causes to the Great Civil War, it was the grievances that bordered on slavery and states rights that sparked the war. The championing for such liberties by both the states and slaves included their democratic rights as citizens and the states liberties in decision-making.ConclusionThe past political features significantly contributed to the development and enhancement of the American political space placing democracy as a key principle in the governance of the country. From the civil rights concept of past politics, the African-Americans and other ethnic minority groups gained the fundamental rights in participating in democratic civil activities including elections. The principle of separation of powers after the merger of the Union States and the Confederate States after the civil war led to a constituted three-armed government with Executive, Judicial, and Congress.

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