The Greasy Lake

Transition in "Greasy Lake"

There is a specific passage in the text “Greasy Lake” which fully explains the transition that the narrator underwent. Thus, “when the eastern half of of the sky went from black to cobalt and the trees began to separate themselves from the shadows, I pushed myself up from the mud and stepped out into the open. By now the birds had begun to take over for the crickets, and dew lay slick on the leaves. There was a odor in the air, raw and sweet at the same time, the solar firing buds and opening blossoms”.

This statement marks the transition that the narrator underwent from being a delinquent character to a reformed citizen. Essentially, the narrator alludes to the story after his experiences at the river where he inadvertently found a corpse. The allusion to the trees separating form the shadows is a reflection of the narrator’s new viewpoint. It is a shift in the attitude that the narrator and his friends extended life. The smell in the air provides a reflection of the narrator’s establishment of the most important things in life. He begins to appreciate elements and objects that he had previously ignored.

Theme of Change

With regards to the theme, the statement reinforces the theme of change. The “opening blossoms” mark the change in behavior of the individual. It is further an emphasis on the willingness of the individual to appreciate nature and its beauty whereas previously they had committed to the control of everything that was around them.

Inspired Questions

Some of the questions that are inspired by the paragraph include: what is life? Is transition promised in life? Will the narrator change his character for good? Will their friendship last?

Work Cited

Boyle, T. Coraghessan. “Greasy Lake”. 1985.

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