The financial performance of Nordstrom

Nordstrom's Discontinuation of Ivanka's Clothing and Accessory Brand

Nordstrom's financial performance has resulted in the discontinuation of Ivanka's clothing and accessory brand. Given the political climate at the time, the president, Mr. Trump, saw the dip differently. The public may interpret Nordstrom's actions as retaliatory in the case of the family business interests (Richard Perez-Pena, 2017). However, the success of Ivanka's clothes and accessories line had a significant role in the choice. Sales of Ivanka's clothes and accessories brand have declined in the last quarter, impacting the company's overall profitability. In a bid to remain competitive while also improving profitability, Nordstrom acted in its best interest in dropping the line, which was supposedly linked to the president's family business interests. Considering Nordstrom's market position and basis for its decision wards off any malice or political interests in dropping the Ivanka's clothing and accessories line.

The Distraction Story

The above paragraph provides the distraction story in the wake of Mr. Trump's claim of unfair treatment accorded to his daughter. Mr. Trump's claim creates a wave doubt of political interest and malice in the family's business interests. However, considering the basis for the dropping of the Ivanka's clothing and accessories line, as depicted by Nordstrom above helps to reduce qualms or political involvement in the story. Nordstrom acted in its best interests, from a business point of view, and the consequence of its decision unfortunately affected the Trump's family business interests (Wahba, 2015). The same occurs in the business world, and any acts of malice or political interest should be laid aside as asserted by Mr. Trump in his claim. This impactful news would help reduce any political tensions or purported malice, and restore the profitability of Nordstrom in the current market.


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Wahba, P. (2015, November 13). Nordstrom Isn’t Immune From Retail’s Bloodbath. Fortune. Retrieved March 2, 2017, from

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