The essay about religious equality

Fighting for religious freedom is essential. Regarding Islam and terrorism, a mistake has been made. Due to the increase in terrorism, the majority of people think Muslims are terrorists. It is incorrect because of the perception that evil organizations like Isis have fostered. A terrorist organization fighting in the name of faith is Isis. This perspective of Islam is incorrect. Isis's writings should not be used to judge all religions. This essay attempts to provide a general overview of Ataturk's reaction to Saira Khan's actions and the struggle for Islam. The extraordinary claim that Islam is anti-Christian at its core has been made. Christian has no common unison with religion that terms the atoning death of Christ as blasphemies. It is unfair to say that Islam is dangerous to the true gospel (Elbasani 9). Apostle Paul says that we do not only wrestle against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness. Islam has established itself for more than fourteen centuries. The cultural and political civilization is keeping hundreds of millions in bondage.

The aggressive nature of Islam is fueling because of political positions of Christendom, the devil's travesty of valid Christianity. Because of political nature of Islam, the Muslim assumes that to believe in Christ is to identify one as a political leader. Christians should distance themselves from criticizing statements and political view of terrorism against the Islamic religion. Thus, politics should not be associated with Islam. Saira Khan condemns the actions of Isis as wrong. This fact supports Ataturk’s issue of respecting and protecting Islamic religion using the constitution (Burak 238). Ataturk will have supported the works of Saira Khan, thus changing the negative view that has been in public pertaining Islamic religion.

For instance, in the sight of God, there are two categories of people the saved and the unsaved. The unsaved include the bible readers, those who go to church and living a clean life. Irrespective of that they remain new to the gospel and the grace. Also the unsaved are Muslims who read the Koran and attend the mosque (Elbasani 10). With all that, they stick to the requirement of religion. That gives assurance to eternal life, and the Muslim hopes to go to heaven with no assurance to that. Both needs to be born again the unsaved Christians cannot call for help from God against Islam because they are an enemy to the gospel.

There is the need to stress on Christians understanding of Islam. Moreover, for the loyalty of Muslim that holds vast multitude in captivity. Whatever has been in writing should not supply vital arguments. Instead, give pure understanding of Muslim way of thinking and religion pressure on them. For instance, salvation is the work of the spirit of God. It brings those who are unsaved to the conviction of sin in Christ`s faith. The Muslims finds out that there are concepts that are foreign to Christians (Elbasani 12). There are attempts to find common grounds in the Koran that may help in changing the view of Islam in public. Their will to speak spiritual matters contrast to the western world.

Hence, to practice Islam is aggressive open and can be easily analyzed. There are marshaled batteries of arguments to show that Christian gospel contains a message of Islam. Thus if you will share your faith, then others will be willing also to do the same. There are many grounds with Islam and Christianity. When Muslims have gone through saving, it is due to the gap between this religion and discovery of forgiveness of sins through Christ (Elbasani 13). Therefore, there is equality in religion, and that differences in norms should not bring division.

Further volumes have been in writing on how to witness to Muslims, and what should not be said to get their confidence. Despite all that, there is limit in Christian testimony towards the Muslim. It confirms that we are facing a religion that is ferocious and threatens the gospel (Elbasani 13). Believers thus require encouragement and assistance to enlighten them in this area. However, we must not be under eschewing illusion that western oriented Muslims will meet with Christians. According to Islam, the world is under division of two categories. The first is the land of peace where the laws of Islam legislates and govern population. The second is the land of war this is conquered and can never be given to infidels. Therefore those who occupy it must submit to Islam in every means whether violent or aggressive means. The goal of Mohammed`s is the submission of the world to the rule of Islam.

To emphasize the realization of this aim Mohammed decreed that they should kill any apostate. Therefore, if you profess on Muslim faith, you can never retract. Muslim historians account that instance in Mecca where Jews were converting to Islam. Consequently, in a little pace, they renounce the faith this is termed as a state of apostasy (Elbasani 14). Current Muslim theologians consider this as the most significant danger to Islam. In the most tolerant Muslim lands, none is allowed to renounce his faith even to become an atheist. Therefore, if you abandon your faith, you are liable to execution.

If we take the case of United States, for instance, there was a ban on Muslim countries. That was an aim of president Trump to safeguard the people of States. All people have a right to work anywhere and be part of building the economy. As much as security is concerned this poses fear. There should be fair policies that ensure that we all live freely regardless of religion. We should foster unity and love for one another there should be no division through political platforms (Danforth 86). We should heed Ataturk’s reforms of safeguarding religious rights in the constitution.

If we take the case of Saira Khan, she says that Muslim should come together. That Isis aims to create Islam phobia to be widespread across the world. They only want to divide people regarding color by creating fear. It is essential for peaceful Muslims to speak out and say that it is not in their name. If they speak off this, it will erase the impression that people have created from the Isis show. Defending your right is the religious democracy which Ataturk will have given a great support (Danforth 88). He fought for spiritual practices to be protected by constitution despite secularization.

Apparently, Saira stresses that if we live in a country, we must say we belong there because we are aligning to that. Therefore, Muslims should stand up against impression created by the Isis and other groups. That will change the radical ideas that are widespread they must portray that they are peacemakers. They should fight against illegal groups such as the Isis this is significant. It will create the view that terror groups are not intertwining with peacemaking and goodwill. Preferably this will continue building a phobia that will cost even the innocent thus there should be a stand and political pressures avoided. Ideas of Ataturk of keeping up with modernization as well as protecting the religious culture (Danforth 89). He fostered on democracy and equality thus he would have supported the works of Saira. She is standing out for her fellow Muslims and defending their rights.


In conclusion, Ataturk would have supported the works of Saira Khan. Because she is standing out for the rights of the Muslim community. Ataturk fought for equality, democracy, and unity in the state regardless of religion. Hence, the works of Isis should not be viewed to be in conjunction with Islamic religion. Religion should not impact the unity of the nation negatively, rather than responding to national calamities and act as unifying association.

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