The Effect of Technology

The effect of technology (social media) influences public debates.

The world in which we live today provides every person with a multitude of diverse ways in which people can connect and share with each other. With the emergence of the internet age, the advancement of communication approaches has only advanced to the discovery of forms that are much more effective. Coupled with the emergence of the internet, the recent development and development in the field of technology have seen the mushrooming of various networks on which people can stay in contact regardless of where one resides in the country. Social networking sites are just one of the most popular platforms through which people engage with one another on an international level. Over the years, social media continues to have a marked impact on the way in which people engage in debates, discussing sensitive topics like politics.

Through social media, it has become possible for individuals to engage each other and discuss “touchy” issues such as politics and religion. Social media is an effective tool of engaging each other on a personal level on a variety of issues owing to its reach and popularity. Through the internet, the world has essentially become a global village and large sections of the world have internet coverage which means that more people have access to social media. Furthermore, social media is a popular mode of communication that has a worldwide reach making it an effective tool of discussing issues.

The Sharing Economy Paradox

The Sharing Economy Paradox is a way in which the efficiency of service providers is improved. Furthermore, it can be described as a method that essentially sidesteps the traditional entry barriers that exist in a market. The paradox in this situation is that the more established or traditional players already in the market undervalue the competition. For instance, traditional taxi drivers are known to undervalue and undermine Uber as genuine competition for the same service that they offer. On a personal level, I participate in the sharing economy as an avid traveller. Instead of staying in hotels during my days out, individual owners rent out their cabins, which my colleagues and I rent during our stays. These cabins are more comfortable and convenient compared to staying in hotels. This alternative economic system has both pros and cons accruing to them. One of the major pros is that it is a convenient economic system because it is founded on the principle that the service on offer is better than that which it is substituting. Furthermore, this economic system is more convenient compared to the more traditional systems. The disadvantage associated with this system is that it at times leads to unfair competition.

Social Theory and Siblings

As humans, nature dictates that each and every one of us is different. This fact holds true even when it comes to one’s siblings, individuals who, one is born and raised together with under the same conditions and by the same parents or guardians. Personally, my brother and I are significantly different that we are the same. For instance, while I am outgoing and ready to interact with other people, my brother is reserved and although he also interacts with people around him, he largely keeps to himself and is also a creative genius. The theory that best describes the differences is the exaggeration theory. According to this theory, children exaggerate the qualities perceived by their relatives. My family perceives me to be more outgoing, ready to engage in different activities and experiment on new things. Conversely, my brother is more reserved, less likely to engage other people or speak what is on his mind and he is also creative as he is an abstract artist.

If I Could Turn Back Time: Regressive Social Movements

The difference between progressive and regressive social movements lies in the fact that progressive social movements are perceived to push for reforms, advocating for new ways of debunking an issue or reviewing the rights of a group that has been oppressed. Regressive social movements on the other hand refer to a situation in which people intend to revert to a past they consider to have been better in the face of changes they perceive to be harmful. An example of a regressive social movement can be seen in Christian religious circles. The issue of having gay ministers in both the Catholic and Anglican churches has elicited varied emotions from various sections of the Christian faithful. While some individuals support the so-called rights of the gay ministers to perform their duties as ministers, sections of the church are against this idea. It is worth noting that majority of Christians do not support this recent development. As such, this situation has led to the development of a regressive movement ensuring that only non-gay or ‘straight’ ministers serve as members of the clergy. As it stands, it is unlikely that the movement will succeed owing to the recognition of gay rights in most parts of the world.

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