Tackling the causes of the obesity epidemic and assessing patients

Nursing Research Models and Frameworks

Nursing is a broad field of study that incorporates a variety of theories and models to drive research design and conceptual framework. The importance of theories and nursing research models in justifying a study and explaining the study's issue in a broader context is important. The Pender's Health Promotion Model and Becker's Health Belief Model are two of the most commonly used conceptual frameworks in current nursing research. They are both important in the preparation for a research investigation. Pender's Health Promotion theory will be used in this context since it bridges the gap between nursing practice and theory. Its mainstream emphasizes on lifestyle changes in an effort to promote health.For example, Grail Dunham wrote an article about "Perceived Stress and Health Promotion Behaviors" at Grant Valley State University basing on the Pender's model. The theory played a significant role in determining the structure of Gail's study. The whole study uses descriptive and correlation research methods to support the research findings and arguments about the study variables (Dunham, 1995).

Researching Adult Obesity Using the Pender's Health Promotion Model

However, tackling adult obesity can be my best area of interest to research on using the Pender's Health Promotion Model because it is a current issue in nursing. A recent article written by D. Cook named Adult Obesity is relevant using Pender's theory since it will be easy to describe ways of managing weight (Cook, 2009).. Among the strategies to use to locate and identify appropriate research approaches include the application of qualitative and quantitative research filters to retrieve articles from the databases organized by librarians. Another strategy involves the use of thesaurus and text words. Thesaurus is useful in searching the stored data because it is affiliated with the subject of concern while text words help to identify titles, abstracts, and keywords such as ethnographic, narratives, and semiotics. These strategies are valuable in identifying qualitative studies and nursing research theories as well as research models because they are more accurate and precise.


Cook, D. (2009). Adult obesity 1: Tackling the causes of the obesity epidemic and assessing patients. Nursing Times, 105(45).

Dunham, E. Gail. (1995). Perceived stress and health-promoting behaviors in nursing students using Pender's health promotion model. Retrieved from http://scholarworks.gvsu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1234&context=theses.

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