Stress observation, assessment and coping

School Stressors

School life will at times be overwhelming. I have faced tension over the past four days in the form of rivalry for grades, the desire to succeed, priority challenges, relationships, family-related stress, time control, college choice, finance, weather, and disease.

Top Stressors

The three that stood out among the others include the desire to succeed, difficulties prioritizing, and sickness among these stressors. None of the stressors could be expected with certainty with respect to predictability, for instance, I could not have prepared for the illness. Only if they were predictable could the stressors be controlled, so I had to deal with them as they happened.

Availability of Resources

Resources, on the other hand, on how to handle the stressors were present with many avenues both in the school and outside the school that helped me to deal with the stressors. I coped with the stressors by focusing on the problem and soliciting for social help. By focusing on the problem, I learned to understand my role in dealing with the problem. Social help on the other hand, helped me gain a new perspective on these stressors as it allowed me to open up about my problems to others.

Buffering Factors

These stressors were however buffered by other factors, for instance, my illness was not helped by the weather which added a cold on top of it. The busy schedule for the week including school games in which I was a participant did little to help me in prioritizing between studying for better performance and being fully engaged in the extra-curriculum activities. However, I feel I coped with stressors effectively because at the end the symptoms that I was experiencing during the stressing moments slowly disappeared. Such symptoms included anxiety, difficulty in concentrating, and difficulty in sleeping. Apart from focusing on the stressors and soliciting for social help in dealing with the stressors, I engaged myself in other healthy ways of managing stress including physical exercises which enabled me to distance myself from the stressing conditions and allowed me a fresh brain with which I developed solutions to the stressing situations.

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