This report's content highlights numerous key areas of human resource management in Atkinson Generation Limited Company. For the last two years, the company has faced a number of human resource issues, resulting in a large loss. The study has been conducted with the aim and objective to come up with recommendations and solutions which are suitable for the survival of Atkinson Generation limited. This report aims at majorly at finding a depiction of various late human resources management, practices, strategies, and outcomes. Human resource management strategies are suitable for any company survival and development when properly planned and designed. For businesses such as Atkinson Generation Limited to survive the management have to employ smart strategies knowing that human resource management strategies which are used to support the company changes with time and the company strategies should correspond to the same. The content of this report, therefore, addresses various aspects related to how important the employees to Atkinson Generation limited as an organization. The paper also attempts to shares key findings on different strategies that can be utilized by Atkinson Generation Limited management team to meet their need to change the company and prevent further occurrence of losses drastically.


This report battles on the advancement of Atkinson Generation constrained which has been the main engines and hardware equipment for quite a while serving different markets and is right now experiencing great misfortunes. After quite a while of client overhauling and exchanging accomplishments, Atkinson Generation restricted over the past two years have been managing vast edge of misfortune. This sort of misfortune is theorized to have been because of the absence of improvement and course from the organization administration group which is a human resource management related issue.

There is in this way requirement for a speedy change of the circumstance inside the organization to guarantee the progression of the organization for the coming exchanging periods. It is proposed that the Atkinson Generation management should prepare and build up their staffs on different basics of running an organization as the issue influencing the organization is because of the absence of direction from the organization administration (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). Atkinson Generation constrained should prepare all the staff individuals understood that there is requirement for the creation of a fast vital arrangement which joins different imperative execution markers, breakdown of different aptitudes noteworthy for the improvement of the organization and also the styles of administration and provision of learning opportunity of all the organization staffs.

Scope and the purpose of the report

As vividly indicated in the executive summary above, this report goes significantly at finding a portrayal on different late HR administration, practices, procedures and results or outcomes. Human resource management strategies are entirely reasonable for any organization survival and advancement when appropriately arranged and outlined. For organizations, for example, Atkinson Generation restricted to survive the administration need to utilize present day systems acknowledging that human resource administration techniques which are used to bolster the organization changes with time and the organization methodologies should change as well towards the same. The substance of this report in this manner addresses different perspectives identified with how vital the workers to Atkinson Generation constrained as an association. The paper additionally endeavors to shares fundamental discoveries on various systems that can be used by Atkinson Generation restricted administration group with a specific end goal to address their issue to change the organization and avert advance event of misfortunes.

About the scope or the aspects intended for the study, the paper covers a range of matters relating to human resource planning and strategies about Atkinson Generation case analysis. The content of this study covers general aspects of human resource strategies how they can be utilized for the benefit of the company. It also provides various solutions concerning the discussed human resource strategies in the perspective of implementation time or period. The paper also identifies and analyses varied human resource strategies that can be crucial for the situation Atkinson Generation as a firm have been facing for the last two years. The content of this report also extends further into fining and discussion of various solutions mentioned and discussed earlier in the case study analysis.

The scope of this paper also covers various theoretical aspects relating to the identified and discussed possible solutions to the problems facing Atkinson Generation. The paper also states and discusses various recommendations which correlate with different human resource strategies analyzed and presented within the content of the report. The scope of this paper, therefore, covers all aspects of human resource strategies with the aim of providing solutions appropriate for change and growth of Atkinson Generation as an organization.


Types of human resource strategies

Global workforce management; is one of the human resource management that is essential for the development of any organization. This type of human resource strategy is one which utilizes various aspects of culture while coming up with the management of the workforce within an organization. Global workforce management is a creative human resource management strategy which has been developed currently in the human resource sector. It is focused on unifying and aligning word diverse cultures while creating the company workforce. It involves management of different world talents and implementation of relocation policies of the world. It majors on putting performance pressure on the organization's workforce while also ensuring that their welfare is well covered. This type of strategy is important as it can increase production per individual employee which later results in improved proved profit margin.

Another strategy is trends; this is the type of human strategy management which involves the hiring of diverse talent all across the world and allows companies to employ best skills suitable for the development an organization. Application of trending strategy is one strategy which supports innovations by building a workforce which has varied cultures and capabilities all across the world. The company employing this kind of strategy can change with the current and modern trends in the market as old patterns are not able to cope up with the current interests of the industry. Trending as a rational strategy aims at pushing towards the breakdown of the labor force as they keep global and localized policies.

Tactical human resource management strategy: this type of approach focuses on the proper administration of employee related issues. This plan also focuses on the documentation and preservation books of accounts. It majors on the setting of specific human resources policies as well as procedures to administer best compensations to the company employees (Knowles, Holton and Swanson 2014). This type of strategy also values and allows flexibility of various approaches; it also advocates for training and development of workers to enable them to have the required skills. It is also necessary for the growth and development of the company through the management of company workforce by putting together the employee records, schemes which are suitable for each employee, provision of safety to the employees while at work as well as coming up with appropriate rewards the best compensation for the workforce. This kind of strategy is employee oriented believing that the performance of employees in any given organization such as Atkinson Generation.

Human resource SWOT analysis, development, and utilization of human resources analysis is also another strategy that is suitable to change the organization's system. Use of human resource SWOT analysis enables the company to develop the basic human resource framework. This approach allows the company to identify the best methods to manage the problems and challenges affecting the business. This strategy enables any organization to develop new human resource organization and defines the role changing role other direction of managing the employees while meeting their desires and need. With the satisfaction of employees, they can offer their performance to their best level thus improving the profit margin of the company.

Selected human resource management strategies for Atkinson Generation

There are various human resource strategies a firm such as Atkinson Generation can decide to employ to cover their problems. Modern organizations depend majorly on the human resource policies and cannot survive without the innovative human resource management strategies (Purce 2014). Atkinson Generation as an organization has not been adequately utilizing the aspect of human resource planning and strategy and has therefore incurred a significant loss over the past two trading years.

Tactical human resource management strategy is one of the best strategies that can be employed by Atkinson Generation to enable them to move towards its survival. This kind of strategy essentially concentrates on the correct organization of worker-related issues and documentation. The strategy is important to the company through setting prohibitive human resource arrangements and methods to direct different pay activities, unbending variable plans, which don't permit individual cases, utilization of legible approach, innovativeness, and developments. The tactical strategy also provides the requirement of arrangements and keeping of all representative records remedy which is essential for the development and provisions of workforce team welfares. The strategy immaculate and concentrates on conventional human resources forms like procuring, work environment wellbeing and hard aptitudes preparing which in turn reflects on the performance and the company output and profit margin.

Tactical one of the strategies which can be utilized by the organization is also focused on providing essential human resource reports with no profound diagnostic knowledge. Since most of the problems facing the organization are workforce welfare related, the strategy is therefore important as it concentrates on accomplishing of business and human resource objectives and destinations (Knowles, Holton and Swanson 2014). Tactical strategy is suitable for the survival of the organization based on its invigorating discourse among best officials to shape the human resource technique. Adjusting the reward framework and the payment method around general business objectives is likely to guarantee the required execution of workers thereby improving their performance. The tactical human resource planning assists with the running progression and arrangement of various programs for the whole association to guarantee the smooth move of know-how suitable for the survival of the company. This type of human resource strategy creates a constant upgrade of human resource procedures to enable workers to be imaginative and creative while adhering to general HR strategies and systems. Applications of this type of strategy within the company planning strategy outline and prepare programs that will guarantee the improvement of the corporate culture suitable for the enterprise survival.

This type of human resource strategy interfaces the business system with the report of Human Resources to fabricate a superior and focused association and adjusts beat administrators to the organization. Sets clear targets for HR in the ranges of the ability advancement, progression arranging, and hierarchical promotion to guarantee the eventual fate of the Association (Bratton and Gold 2012). It also defines the critical standards for the remuneration and authoritative outline procedure as the association keeps itself thin and snappy. Brings a reasonable fringe amongst worldwide and nearby necessary leadership forms permitting to act organization's human resource self-sufficiently management. The tactical strategy also provides key territories which will be utilized as the upper hand at work advertise. It also recognizes crevices in the general population administration zone which must be enhanced in a specific time allotment Organizational Strategy human resource management Organization Development.

Critical evaluation of possible solutions to solve Atkinson Generation problems

As of now said ahead of schedule for the situation investigation, different arrangements can be executed to help manage the organization issues. As said earlier the organization administration authorities should change their style of management and receive different suitable strategies to prepare their workers keeping in mind the end goal to have the obliged aptitudes to convey. The preparation of the authority can be directed by implies taking their representatives to a progression of workshops sorted out locally and universally. With the proper aptitudes, the organization deals edge will expand which will later reflect into the net revenue; the organization ought to along these lines give chances to their staffs to procure fundamental abilities fitting for the development of the organization (Bratton and Gold 2012). The organization should likewise concoct a suitable channel of correspondence for better administration conveyance.

The organization ought to also utilize wagers techniques to help manage the present issues confronting the organization. The best answer for being executed by the Atkinson Generation organization restricted ought to be preparing and improvement of the representatives. This will empower their representatives to have suitable aptitudes required to convey their administrations. With appropriate preparing and advancement to the organization workers, the organization deals and conveyance of administrations will enhance prompting expanded overall revenue as of now specified for the situation investigation. Another arrangement that ought to be received by the organization is the utilization of national benchmarking and the counsel from different neighborhood guides. By organization authorities keeping an eye on the organization official, they can have the capacity to create and deliver better vital arrangement which will give different chances to the representatives to prepare and meet workers' interests and also, wants.

Conclusion and recommendation

In light of the above arrangements, a superior learning, and improvement opportunity ought to be set up. The framework to be built up ought to be formative situated for each worker of Atkinson Generation Company limited so as to empower recognizable proof of individual needs keeping in mind the end goal to meet their interests for better execution. It is prescribed for the organization chiefs to be learning administrators to empower them, mentor, and give guidance to different individuals from the staff. Another suggestion is for the administration of the organization to guide other employees’ individuals through the foundation of correspondence framework which can connect the administration and other officials, individuals. The organization ought to likewise consider meeting all the organization worker goals to empower them to offer their best administrations to the organization.

Since the organization execution and benefit era is straightforwardly connected, it in this way fits for the organization to prepare and build up their staffs and workers. The above arrangements are in this way suiting for the organization to move towards the past execution where the organization was already. The organization ought to likewise use the different speculations of human asset administration which expresses that the performance of the representatives is connected to their preparation and advancement and also their welfares (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). Different strategies for enhancing customer's interests are consequently prescribed for Atkinson Generation Company restricted to change towards the better execution and improve their net revenues. As mentioned in the strategic analysis above, it is also recommended for the company to employ tactical as the best human resource management strategy in their plan. Tactical strategy is appropriate for the company’s current situation as it pushes towards reorganization and utilization of its employees thereby promoting and improving their performance which later results in increased profit margin.


Armstrong, M. and Taylor, S., 2014. Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers.

Knowles, M.S., Holton III, E.F. and Swanson, R.A., 2014. The adult learner: The definitive classic in adult education and human resource development. Routledge.

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Purce, J., 2014. The impact of corporate strategy on human resource management. New Perspectives on Human Resource Management (Routledge Revivals), 67.

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