Steps that can be taken by the ICRC to address transformational leadership challenges

Focusing on Principled Opportunism, Capacity Building, and Long-Term Solutions

Focusing on principled opportunism, capacity building, and an end goal of creating long-term solutions to social problems are the actions that can be taken to address the transformational leadership challenges at the ICRC, namely identifying the need for change, inspiring followers, and implementing change. When determining what needs to change, principled opportunism is crucial, as in the case of the acknowledgment of rural poverty in Mongolia. Building capacity motivates supporters, as in Ethiopia, where women were empowered to lessen the effects of HIV/AIDS, and creates supporters who are dedicated to the change. Long term solutions implement change as can be seen in the case of Mongolia and Danube/Black Sea (United Nations Development Programme, 2011).


United Nations Development Programme. (2011). Supporting transformational change: Case studies of sustained and successful development cooperation. Retrieved 10 24, 2017, from United Nations Development Programme:

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