Sources of Funding for Terrorism

State sponsorship reveals a source of money for the terrorist organization Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda benefits from state support because it can give them enormous sums of money and offers terrorists safe houses for years. According to Freeman (2011), the Al Qaeda organization is compelled to carry out illegal actions in order to continue its terrorist activities. In addition to drug trafficking, extortion, revolutionary tax, armed robberies, kidnappings, and legal businesses, they also participate in other illegal activities. (Freeman 2011). In order to generate money to fund its operations, the terrorist organization coordinates drug activities in various towns and the surrounding area. Moreover, the Al Qaeda obtains money from coup leaders that need their services so as to overthrow the ruling government. Consequently, Al Qaeda liaises with the top government officials of certain nations to rob banks, multinationals and government agencies. Sometimes, members of the Al Qaeda may kidnap the people in common places such as ports and demand huge ransoms. Moreover, the terrorist group rakes in millions of dollars if their kidnapping efforts bore fruits.

Manner of Storage

Al Qaeda uses several means of storing wealth. Some of these methods include but not limited to trading in commodities like bulk cash smuggling, sapphires, gold and diamonds, and underground banking systems.

Method of Distribution

Methods of distribution for terrorist funds for Al Qaeda terror group are equally adverse. Additionally, informal and formal channels are effective for distribution. For instance, money transaction offices and 'underground banking' narrates the channels for distribution of funds. The legal and formal banking system is viewed as a channel for distributing terror group funds. Surprisingly, a lion share of these funds get lost in a series of global financial transactions. 'Stored value cards' and 'stored value cards' have been used as a means of distributing terrorist money. Nevertheless, it is likely to purchase these cards with a false identity and can be easily distributed in the absence of any personal information.

Al Qaeda terror group uses a 'feeder and operations accounts' frameworkthat entails frequent transactions from 'feeder' to 'operations' accounts. Precisely, these 'feeder' accounts are managed by charity organizations and firms and 'operations' accounts by credible persons. Nevertheless, the suspense accounts are managed by anonymous thirds parties which help to conceal its identity. These suspense accounts are associated with removal of direct links between 'feeder' and 'operations' accounts. Another way of funding distribution encompasses complicated financial constructions making use of offshore firms. Here, the investors are forced to engage in phony investment projects. Furthermore, the investments have been associated with Al Qaeda purchasing and trading in real estate.

Possible Solution and Removal to funding of Al Qaeda Terror Group

I believe that the government and security agencies should make a bold step to deliver the outcomes of destroying and incapacitating interaction networks applied by Al Qaeda group. Biersteker & Eckert (2007) discusses that governments and security forces should always draft networked global devices that analyze the entire transactions and worldwide money transfers. In addition, monetary contributions focused for charity have to be accessed to guarantee that Al Qaeda does not obtain cash to enable their deadly activities (Biersteker & Eckert 2007). Such efforts will be at the forefront of decreasing terror routines and secure human welfare. It is undisputable that members of the Al Qaeda use bombs and grenades. In my opinion, the most effective way to control this act is to ensure that only governments and lawful agencies have the permit to handle weapons. Nonetheless, restricting the use of weapons among Al Qaeda members will lead to decrease in the number of cases of terror attacks. As explicated, Al Qaeda members become vibrant in their approaches towards coordinating terrorist assaults. The enhanced scientific and technological developments have enhanced transportation and conversation procedures. To weaken the terrorist activities, safety firms should always strive to discourage terror group access to conversation techniques, funds, weapons and data on weapon functions.

Significance of eradicating the funding of Al Qaeda terror group

The significance of eradicating these funding sources will create a goal of declining the growth of Al Qaeda group. Atwan (2008) reveals that these funds are essential for facilitating the buying of sophisticated and lethal weapons for the terrorist activities. Moreover, eradicating these funding sources citizens will be free to conduct their regular operations without any tension of attack. In the contemporary world, we shall have general economic flourishing in the country since all financial institutions will be working keenly to attain the aims and objectives of the country (Atwan 2008).

Eliminating funding sources for Al Qaeda terrorists will allow persons linked with search operations to alter their attitudes towards terrorism

When citizens of a nations possess a general view and objectives regarding Al Qaeda terrorists it will be easy to fight all other factors supporting terrorists.


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