Social Media Research

Social Media and Its Impact

Social media is essentially the development of platforms for the purpose of exchanging information, events from one's life, ideas, and a variety of other virtual expressions using technologies made possible by computers. Social media is the rage in today's world; no major company or brand has not made the switch. Professionals in communication, marketing, social media, customer service, and content branding, to mention a few, can now interact online in social media communities. The resource that has resulted from social networking is unmatched as many have connected with people around the world and raised company awareness, talents and many other disciplines which need critical knowledge and understanding of social media. The topic on social media is an interesting one to look at because people get to see the reasons for the inventions first. What made people come up with the idea and how did it work out on its reveal? The impact of social media is also an angle to look at which brings out the advantages and disadvantages that are consequential to the idea. The subject is broad and exciting because through this one invention the whole world has been affected in more ways than one. The power that social media has in today's world can make or break societies depending on how it is put to use.

The Evolution of Social Media

Starting with the how and why is essential to know the core reason for the invention of social media. Everything has a genesis and the first well recognized social site was known as six degrees created back in the 1970s which enabled its users to create personal profiles and make friends (Hendricks par.13). The concept of social communities like Facebook may seem on trend and unique, but they have come thanks to many years of perfecting ideas that already existed for long. The very first blogging website came out in 1999 which made it possible for people to read stories online and it became a great sensation to this day (Hendricks par. 13). After blogging social media started to grow in popularity in the year 2000 with the invention of sites like MySpace and photo bucket which allowed users to share their photos with friends. The year 2005 came with a revolutionary idea which has forever changed the way people share content, and that is YouTube (Hendricks par. 14). By the year 2006 Facebook and Twitter came in the market and had remained the most popular platforms over the years (Hendricks par.15). Over the years numerous social media platforms have been created, and now it is possible to link one to the other where an individual can make one post but in all their social accounts at one go. Information can be in sent to as many as a hundred million people in an instant with no physical meetings. Family and friend feel connected despite being miles away from each other because of social networking that in this day and age is almost a primary need for humans for communication and world awareness on current information.

Which Social Networks To Use

As similar as all social media may sound their different types and they all cater to various social needs (Golbeck 91). Platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter is wholesome to some extent; these are whereby people can share pictures, give news s6tories, share videos learn and engage with others on intellectual levels. The two platforms work well because the content share is a wide variety and for many people, Facebook is an accessible platform to be in for most people. Instagram and snap chat also seems like the same although both share pictures and videos they are particularly unique. Instagram is mainly known to share photos that are social to friends and family while snap chat is known more for short videos. Whatsapp is a more personal platform whereby a user has to share their number for them to communicate with others. Whatsapp is intimate, and its way of sharing is broad from pictures to videos to personal messages it is a phenomenal platform for family groups and small groups for a friend that's more narrowed down as opposed to sharing with the whole world. Other social sites like Badoo are strictly made to meet people and form romantic relationships. In this world of technology, people have become so dependent on technology that even making friends and dating requires a site or application. Dating and friendship sites also cater to a particular group of people that all they are looking for is to form relationships. Google is also one primary platform that has become a necessity for millions of users all over the world, it's mind-blowing to many people how possible it is for Google to have all the answers. Google has become some cure people's lives as it can give you any information any day anywhere in the world and you can be sure it's legitimate. One amazing thing is that in the latest updates almost every social platform can give you news on what is happening all around the world.

Advantages Outweighing The Disadvantages And Vice Versa

The fact that social media is a global phenomenon it surely must a lot of pros and cons. Parents all over the worlds know the pressure their children put on them to get them all the latest phones and my pads. Every ten and even children and adult want to take pictures and put on Instagram; they want to share good quality videos and make sure they stay on trend. The craze has created platforms for cyberbullying which has become a major criminal offense and has led to the deaths of innocent people. Many platforms on social media have become places where people who suffer from psychological issues target innocent people by creating fake profiles and end up stoking people, others being victims to kidnappers or child molesters (Albarran 147). Popular culture has made social media its home with many celebrities from musicians, actors o reality stars all these people have become like gods. People live their lives in accordance to what they see the celebrities do and the places they go and how they walk or talk. All these social media lives have created many sad and desperate people who all they seek is life like the one they see on television and all the social platforms. Depression and even suicide have been a result of the experiences people portray on social media as many people envy the lifestyle and cannot keep up. The idea sold is that life is all about a good time while not telling them that a good time comes at a price called work. Children have been subject to the adult material through the many social media sites even when they genuinely were not looking for anything; people post content that is vulgar and may fall into the wrong person's hands (Albarran 105).

The Impact and Power of Social Media

One significant and notorious thing that social media has guilty of watering down human interaction. It's quite funny that the one thing created to bring the world together guilty of tearing people apart. People have become more connected to their electronic devises more than their family and friends. Conversations are shorter and playing out in the sun is minimal because everything is happening online. The world of social networking has broken homes with the various dating sites where you can pick a man or a woman at any day anytime. People are so occupied living a life that is online that they forget to live in the present and things pass them by in the meantime. Not everyone on social media so gone that they can't remember their lives but most people especially the younger generation. Having mentioned the most disadvantageous elements that social media has brought to the world, it's easy to see the power that it carries over humanity.

The Positive Aspects of Social Media

One of the most significant and most important features of social media is that it brings people together. It is a controversial point but true never the less that social media brings people together even though it may also do the contrary. People from all over the world have become connected via facebook many have furthered their relationships to lifelong friendships and partnerships. Businesses have grown through social media, by showcasing products to a multitude of people and a market can sell beyond its geographic position (Albarran 86). Industries such as music and fashion have thrived off of social media, being able to showcase their talent to fans all over the world. Brands have grown so big all because of social media, creating a buzz for a particular brand makes it known because people get to want to know what is this and what are they doing, why do they keep popping on social networks. Regular everyday people have been able to make a market for themselves through social media by creating a profile and sharing their content to as many people as possible. People get to discover others in this manner, models, musicians, actors, and actresses. Just like natural resources, social media has become a resource to human life whereby they make a living out of it, and if someone can use their platform well the pros outweigh the cons.

News and Education on Social Media

News travels so fast in all the social platforms that it is impossible to be on social media and not be up to date with all the current issues taking place in the world, from America to the most remote location someone might think of there is social media (Albarran 132). Social media has created a source of income for people as with YouTube where people get paid for views they receive on their content. Social platforms are great places to bring people together for charity and donations to the less fortunate or people struck by national disasters. Educational platforms and material is abundant on social media and come in handy for teachers and students worldwide. The world has come to such significant technological advances in the past decade which makes it crazy to imagine the future. Social media is the greatest technological inventions that have forever changed the way people live their lives every day, social media is a force to reckon.

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