Social Media Content Analysis

Although social media might help you advance your career, it can also hold you back and prevent you from getting the job. Before making recruiting judgments, our company's human resource professionals check the applicant's social media past. This is in conformity with business policy, which states that the legitimacy of what the employee posts is critical. Furthermore, social media exemplifies the values of ethics and professionalism. Furthermore, objectionable content such as sexual, ethnic, racial, physical disability, and religious slurs are not accepted, according to the company's policy. Indeed the comments and images that you have posted on your social media applications will be visible to a large community. Although such content might be acceptable to some groups of friends, it might be offensive to others and, therefore, have drastic consequences.

Since what you write and post matters, it is important that you take different precautions to scrub your profile to avoid potential problems. Your Facebook profile contains inappropriate content such as photos, comments about drinking and drugs and also negative comments about your previous employer which may cause the company to disregard you as a successful applicant. It is advisable that you delete the images and comments that are questionable and offensive. Also, it is important that you remove all the controversial third party comments. The employers view the social media content, and such actions may prevent you from being hired. More so if you get hired future posts may negatively impact on your job. On the extreme, you may be terminated from your job due to such posts.

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