Shayla’s book Trust in Black America

Shayla’s book Trust in Black America: Race, Discrimination, and Politics sheds light on how African Americans are stereotyped and discriminated against. She tells many stories of how African Americans have been mistreated and judged on different occasions, and she goes on to say that African Americans were lynched in 1965 because of their skin color. The book also contains historical and current examples of racial discrimination against black people in the United States.
Shayla states in her book that African Americans are unfairly judged by others under the guise of bad decision-making, and as a result, most people fear them. She goes ahead to show the different ways in which trust was being promoted, but people failed to see such as the use the penny which has the words “In God we Trust.” Shayla explains that enhanced socialization regarding the historical relations of the blacks is what has made the negative perceptions and stereotypes be formed in most American minds.

The experiences, explanations, and other details in this book are very beneficial as they properly address the aspect of racial bias in the society and the attempts that have been there to try to overcome it. The book is very useful as it compares historical events with contemporary ones thus enhancing the understanding of racial bias.

Fernandes, Lilly, and Nora Hadi Q. Alsaeed. “African Americans and Workplace Discrimination.” European Journal of English Language and Literature Studies 2.2 (2014): 56-76.

The journal article by Fernandes and Hadi, African Americans, and Workplace Discrimination explains the difficulties and unique problems that the African American faced and are still facing in the workplace. The authors show the African Americans have been segregated and denied a lot of opportunities to progress because of them being black. The authors show that despite the constitution having rules that prevent promotion of racism, many organizations still practice racial discrimination.

The authors show the different struggles the African American people face at workplaces such as employment process bias, denial of essential organization resources, promotional difficulties and physical and mental mistreatment. The authors of the journal article show that African American college males have a higher difficulty in obtaining jobs compared to their counterparts who are Caucasian college male. The stereotypical perception held by employers is that the African Americans are lazy, immoral and incompetent.

The journal article by Fernandes and Hadi is very vital to address the aspect of racial bias because it has significant information about the varying discrimination processes that the African American faces in the work industry. Also, the journal has data and statistics as evidence to confirm the existing racial bias that exists in the work industry.

Martin, Michael. “Fear of Black Men: How Society Sees Black Men And How They See Themselves”. Retrieved from:

The website by Michael Martin has excellent information about racial bias. He explains how the Afr see themselves and how the society perceives them. Michael goes ahead to show that the black men and boys are feared in the society. Information from the website indicates that people tend to see the black people as violent, immoral and deceitful whereby police follow a black man under the suspicion that he is a burglar because they think he cannot to able to afford a house in that neighborhood.

Michael’s website gives detail that the African American has been placed in a hard position by racial bias such that they have to keep on reassuring the society and people around them that they pose no threat. The day to day activity of the black people has been made difficult by the racial bias that has been there for decades. It is difficult for many people to be comfortable around black people because of the negative perception they hold against them.

The information from the website is very critical to explain racial bias in the society we live in because it has interviews with information regarding life experiences of the black people. The personal information shared first hand in the interview on the website is clear evidence that the black people face racial bias in many different ways.

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