This paper seeks to offer an overview of the service experiences I have been through with a practical interpretation of what has happened and my opinion of the service in various contexts. I have divided the programs into two different connotations: pleasing and unsatisfactory.

Pleasing Services

In particular, there are six satisfying services that I have earned from my meetings in the provision of customer support.

First Service Satisfaction: Madison Technology Company

My first service satisfaction came from a telephone call to the Madison Technology Company on 8 August 2017. The object of the call was a concern about the malfunction of my machine. I decided to contact the firm again, and the technical assistant, along with the boss, helped me retrieve my files. The evaluation of the service was that it was flawless and courteous. Hence, my feelings towards it were optimistic (p. 129).

Second Service: Local Restaurant on Abraham 5th Street

My second service was from a local restaurant on Abraham 5th Street, 20th August 2017 and the service was food and beverage service. My initial expectation of the service was professionalism, courtesy, and ethical manners. The service required a waitress to ask for my order and provide a timeline for the preparation of the meal. The server was courteous enough to provide a timeline of ten minutes with a definite reason as to why I should wait for that long. My perception of the service is that it needs more upgrade to cater for long-term delays (p. 129).

Third Service: College at the Dean's Office

My third service was at the College on 24th August 2017 at the Dean’s Office. The type of duty was customer feedback upon a request for approval of extra curriculum courses. My primary expectation of the service would be extended, and unresponsive request replies. Contrary to my expectations, the services were prompt with the Dean being concerned and involved in my application. The dean called upon me to meet him at the office and explain to me why I was permitted to take more courses through an email request. My evaluation of the service is that it was of high standards and very professional. Further, my perception of the service is impeccable, and my feelings towards this are positively commendable (p. 129).

Fourth Service Encounter: Bookstore

My fourth service encounter was at a bookstore on 1st September 2017 which required the assistant at the store to aid me in looking for a particular book, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Vernice. My expectation on the service was that I would have to wait for long, but, the assistant was able to provide the book within thirty minutes of my entry. My evaluation of the service quality is that it's high and above average. Hence, the performance is standard and skilled. My perception of the service is that it is quick and efficient and my feelings are positive towards the service provision (p. 130).

Fifth Service Encounter: Bank

My fifth service encounter was at the bank on 5th September 2017 on a request to apply for a new account. My initial expectation is that the service would be slow and tedious since the bank was crowded and seemed busy. However, the service was swift and smooth since the bank manager was able to assist in my processing and the process was complete in fifteen minutes. The service required processing of my records from my social security number and my current statuses such as employment and other accounts in other banks. Nonetheless, the process was fast and easy. My perception of the service is that it is impeccable and expert-oriented and hence, my feelings are positive towards the service delivery (p. 130).

Sixth Service Encounter: Walmart

Finally, the sixth service encounter is a sales representative at Walmart on 8th September 2017 on the substitution of a faulty product for a better functioning equipment. My initial expectation is that I would have to go through a bureaucratic process trying to replace the material. However, the process was one-directional and prompt since the manager inspected the equipment and the receipt proving point of purchase and provided with newer equipment. Hence, my perception of the service is that it was credible and of integrity and thus, my feelings towards this was that it was professional (p. 127).

Dissatisfying Services

My first dissatisfying service was at the College Library on 23rd August 2017 on the need to return an overdue book. I expected that the library assistant would be rude and discontent on my reason for returning the book late. As such, the expectations were a reality since the process of service was prolonged, intimidating and less receptive. The assistant took thirty minutes to hear my request, and on top of that, he justified that I needed to be ‘punished.' Therefore, my perception about the service is unprofessional and unwarranted hence; my feelings are pessimistic and angry. My second dissatisfying service is at the hairdressers on 30th August 2017 which required the hairdresser to alter my hairstyle to suit my shape of the head. My expectations on this were that the hairdresser was experienced and knew what he would do. However, the service process involved no dialogue, and the hairdresser decided to alter the hairstyle to his liking without affecting me. Therefore, quality of duty was weak and wanting and hence, my perception was that the service was unprofessional and my feelings towards this were negative with anger and dissatisfaction (p. 130). Finally, my third dissatisfying service was at the car dealer on 11th September 2017 which required orientation to vehicles on sale to determine which was best for me. I expected that the sales recruit would aid me in the process. Despite my expectations, the sales hire was disapproving and unprofessional. My assessment of the service was poor and unwarranted since the sales recruit was demeaning and discourteous. Hence, my perception of the service is that it requires training of the recruits since my feelings towards this are that it is unprofessional and unethical (p. 129).

Work Cited

Weaving Quality Service into Your Operation. Chapter 5-6. Pp. 125-130.

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