Selling Introduction

Rosenzweig's Perspective on Business Success

Rosenzweig (n.d) noted that every business success involves every person's ability to market goods and services effectively to customers. Therefore, there can be no company without the selling of product and service. As a businessman, any sales opportunity generated by creative creativity should be adequately exploited to attract more customers. Product sales are a continuous cycle that allows you to learn about the products you sell and to approach customers confidently while assessing the needs of consumers (Avila and Scott, 317-323). After the realization of what customer needs, through product knowledge use it is possible to recommend goods that meet the need and handle objections arising before and finally close the sale. Sales pattern essentially develops satisfaction in customers while the business benefit from revenue earning at the closure of the sale. Consequently, satisfied customers will definitely refer new consumers to the business.

The Importance of Product Knowledge in Sales

One of the cornerstones to successfully selling is product knowledge. For an effective sale of goods and services, one must have a sound understanding of the products sold and how to think about the needs of the customers. Goods knowledge helps one to have detailed information about the product and service characteristics that are enough to demonstrate this meets the needs of the customer (DeCarlo, Russell, and Thomas 418-435). Development of expertise on products and service may lead to specialized knowledge and in long-run may lead one to become a selling specialist. In this case, product knowledge extends beyond general facts and other members may rely on you for advice and guidance on the sale of such particular good or service. Selling knowledge helps business people conduct market research to explore new and potential markets as well as know the competitors (Kuhn and Tera 571-600). Customers are always looking to purchase shops with best deals and those that meet their needs. Knowing competitors helps develop strategies to ensure a competitive advantage.

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