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By searching at the new memo, it is evident that some changes were made by way of the writer, which bring a slight distinction between the two documents. The author omits the budget allotted to the SNAP program, which is stated to $74 billion, but additionally adds that the purchases made through SNAP are posted in a journal report. It is important to note that the two files have the same content, but the creator made several changes ranging from grammar, punctuations, and order or words. The new record involved revision of the original file with the aim of presenting the statistics as clearly as possible. It was from this information that I was able to draw the conclusion, mainly based on the analysis done on it with prevailing trends in America to prove that there is indeed a need to reform SNAP as its implemented policies only showed a lapse in a series of areas or groups of people who were operating under the policies in existence but still faced the recurring problems that existed even before the implementation of these policies.
In writing this paper, the material to write this paper was readily available as credible information. It provided a series of data, both quantitative and qualitative to be able to draw to conclusions and draft solutions that could enhance milestones required to make SNAP policies better for the American people with regards to their health. Also, it was a walk in the park to collect and relate this information to be able to affirm the idea of different health related diseases as being directly related to feeding habits of Americans and that the existing policies available were not in total control of trying to arrest the prevailing problem.
On the other hand though, there were hurdles that were experienced. This was mainly to do with providing statistical data in great depth and detail. There was no graphical evidence to show the studied research done or to provide a backing for the evidence collected that supports my hypothesis.

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