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Students, businesses, associations, and teachers have all participated in research projects at some point in their lives. Additionally, it is one of the most difficult jobs that demands more focus from the investigators. The first steps in the development of a research project include identifying the subject and determining the goals and research questions. Any research paper's goal, whether it be for academic or business purposes, is to respond to all research questions and address all goals within the parameters of the research subject.

In order to reduce recidivism, I'll concentrate on the issue of government financing for prison education. In this topic, the keywords that can assist one get the necessary information from the library database include Prison education and programs and/or reducing recidivism in America. Additionally, using Boolean operators will assure the researcher gets the essential resources and information needed to complete the study comprehensively. Some of the significant Boolean operations that I will consider in determining the best library materials for the investigation include AND, OR and NOT. These vital Boolean operation words will assist the investigator to filter all the information they need from those they are not in need of. The topic of prison education is one of the broadest topics ever covered. Therefore, employing Boolean operators can significantly limit the efforts of the researcher on the subject to keep them more relevant when investigating the phenomenon. The actual path that I will consider to complete the study search will entail:

Identifying the six articles to use in the research

Identify the sources of fetching the articles

Select types of Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT)

Get the books from the selected sources

Some of the research questions that are beneficial in the research are;

Are the prisoners willing to accept back the prison education program?

Is recidivism possible among prisoners?

Is prison education one of the strategies the government can use to moderate re-entry of prisoners?

Can the government support the program?

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