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PRO: A commercial enterprise owner should be able to rent or fire anyone without interference from the government.
I disagree with this proposition and assert that a business owner should be able to fireplace or hire an employee without the involvement of the government. The authorities has provided a framework for business owners to employ and fire employee within the regulation so as to facilitate a smooth process. It is the role of the business proprietor to ensure that the process he or she has put in place to facilitate hiring and firing does now not violate any law as provided by the government. For example, if a enterprise owner finds that an employee has violated a work place policy, and they have evidence too this effect, they should fire them without any involvement of the government. Such an action will deter other employee from engaging in destructive behaviour at the workplace to the benefit of the business owner. In general, it is possible for a business owner to hire and fire employees without the involvement of government.

CON: A business owner should NOT be able to hire or fire anyone without interference from the government.

The role of government in any business is to provide an efficient environment for businesses to operate effectively. Therefore, it is important that the government involves itself in hiring and firing processes within any business. The government should ensure that the business owner hires and fires employees fairly, and not on the basis of discrimination. For example, if a business owner dismisses an employee for failing to attend work on a holiday, it important for the government to get involved as this is unfair. If the government does not get involved in hiring and firing processes, then business owners will abuse their powers by exploiting employees who do not conform. A business owner should therefore not be able to hire and fire employees without the involvement of government.

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