relationship between asthma and insomnia symptoms

Research on Asthma and Insomnia

While research on the association between asthma and insomnia symptoms is limited, proponents believe that sleeplessness is common in asthmatics (Wise, 2017). Instead, according to a new published in The European Respiratory Journal, those who suffer from sleeplessness are more likely to be asthmatic. Nonetheless, further inquiry is underway. As such, the purpose of this working paper is to answer specific concerns using a case study of ST, a twenty-five-year-old male who had been suffering from insomnia for one month before seeking therapeutic care.

Effects and Treatment Strategies

ST confirmed that diazepam and alprazolam were used successfully. These are benzodiazepine minor tranquillizers with a high addictive and habit-forming impact. As their usage present harmful effects, I would ask the patient whether he has been experiencing a lower heart rate than normal. I would also ask if he has had any issues with his blood pressure. Besides, since the use of the tranquillizers may cause withdrawal, I would enquire the precise dosage and the rate of effectiveness of the drugs. As a consequence, the responses will play a vital part in the development of treatment strategies.

Factors Contributing to Insomnia

All the same, respiratory disturbances resulting from the patient’s predetermined asthma may cause his sleeplessness. The disorders are, in fact, acknowledged as extremely the major influences of sleeping habits. The threat of unemployment, on the other hand, may as well cause ST to experience insomnia. It induces worry, which as a consequence creates anxiety and stress. Evidently, owing from such a situation, ST has been working as a part-timer with a temporary agency. He might not be sure to find another job after the expiry of the current contract. According to Havard Publication (2013), forgetfulness also deprives sleep. Although, it can be viewed as a secondary cause of ST’s insomnia, forgetting the name of his specific inhaler can create apprehension or stress.

Treatment Approaches for Insomnia

Nonetheless, insomnia is a manageable disorder. Some strategies help not only youths but also old-age victims (Schutte-Rodin, Broch, Buysse, Dorsey, & Sateia, 2008). Foremost, focusing on the adverse effects of insomnia due to stress and conditional anxiety may facilitate healthy sleep. However, according to the studies there exist insufficient evidence to prove that sleep alone can treat insomnia (Publications, 2013). Cognitive therapies such as stimulus control, relaxation therapy or a combination of the two are appropriate approaches during the initial stages of ST’s condition as well. Behavioural and psychological interventions are also active in not only management but also the treatment of comorbid and chronic insomnia. Likewise, multicomponent therapy, a non-cognitive approach could be helpful in the treatment of the patient’s hypnotic condition.

Pharmacological Treatment

Finally, pharmacological treatment assumes a significant part of the pie. However, the clinician must be conscious of the sick’s symptom patterns, preferences, and the diagnostic responses. In simple terms, they must use the necessary clinical judgement while prescribing a drug. In ST’s case, however, short-period benzodiazepines such a zolpidem, zaleplon or eszopiclone can be administered. The prescription includes an oral administration of 5-10 mg of zolpidem strictly before 7-10 hours of bedtime sleep. The dosage must proceed for seven days whereby the patient will report any effect of the drug on the fifth day (Lynn Moody, 2015). Likewise, while proper diet must adhere before the ingestion of the medicines, ST can alternatively use 3mg of Eszopiclone before bedtime ("LUNESTA® (eszopiclone) TABLETS1 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg", 2009).


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