Recognition and Perception of Symptoms

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Chronic diseases affecting infants, young people, and adults have become more prevalent across the globe. The majority of them do not have a cure and will need management for life. In regions vulnerable to such diseases, chronic diseases pose many financial difficulties for families and labor insufficiency. Bad treatment of most chronic diseases leads to life deteriorating and even death. This paper concentrates on the scope of cystic fibrosis. It explains some of the effects of cystic fibrosis and techniques of managing it.

Cystic fibrosis is one of the inherited illnesses, and it is depicted by the abnormality of glands that secrete sweat and mucus. This condition affects the reproductive system, the respiratory system such as lungs, and digestive system including the pancreas, liver, and intestines among others. The disease is genetically transmitted from the parents to children, and its symptoms may be conspicuous in childhood or adulthood stages. In the interview, Chambers confirmed that his mother and uncle had cystic fibrosis. He, therefore, considered them as the causative agents to his condition. Chambers started showing signs of cystic fibrosis at a tender age. He had a persistent cough, experienced wheezing with shortness of breath and defecated fatty stool. Besides the signs and symptoms that Chambers showed, a person suffering from cystic fibrosis may also experience clubbing of fingers and even infertility, especially in men. Cystic fibrosis has very adverse impacts on the patient and his or her family. Since the disease has no cure, it negatively impacts on the individual by discouraging him or her from working hard to achieve dreams in life. Many patients, like Chambers, feel lonely since they cannot comfortably attend to their work and live like others. The daily, weekly and monthly medical check-ups lead to loss of hope on the patients. The lifespan of the patient decreases due to constant pains in the chest caused by infections. Families, on the other hand, suffer from psychological traumas besides massive spending on medication practices.

Managing cystic fibrosis is a fundamental element that one must consider to increase his or her lifespan. The management techniques are done to ensure that the lung function is near to normal and respiratory infections are blocked from entering the breathing system. Different types of therapies can be carried out at appropriate times to improve the life of the patient. Chambers confirmed that he went through chest physical therapies besides using oral antibiotics. The therapy was done twice every month and daily when the condition worsened. Therefore, the seasons of administering some management techniques vary depending on the severity of the condition. Moreover, the management of cystic fibrosis should be carried out by one specialist in one health center. As for my interviewee, Florida Hospital was his center of treatment. The patients should also adhere to the prescribed drugs to inhibit mutation that renders drugs ineffective. Moreover, they should also consider taking the right food as recommended by their medical specialists.

The other challenging aspect of cystic fibrosis is how patients can cope up with it. Socializing with friends and family members is one of the ways of reducing the stigma in the disease. When one joins others in a play or conversation, he or she develops self-esteem. The psychological traumas that arise due to loneliness disappear. Patients and parents can also attend a counselling session to understanding the basis of the genetic transfer of the disease. This would limit many questions and worries that arise from families and patients. Chambers, at the interview, confirmed that he joined a local football club that would keep him busy and maintain the company with his friends. Any method of coping with cystic fibrosis should aim at reducing emotional stress and enhancing physical growth.

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