Reasons why stress management is important

Stress management is required to aid in the reduction of workplace conflict. There are usually arguments in the job due to differences of viewpoint, some of which emerge as a result of too much stress. As a result, if people are aware of and manage their stress, the organization will run smoothly.
Second, stress management will aid in the improvement of communication among employees in an organization. High levels of stress can lead to ineffective and negative communication (Ganster and Rosen, 2013). Also, stress can make employees in the organization to communicate less with each other and have a negative attitude, which will affect their operation since communication is key to making the organization successful.

Advantages of stress management in organizations

It helps in developing a strong culture because employees will be healthier and active in conducting their duties. Since employees have an important role to play in developing organization culture, stress-free employee will build a healthier organization. There will be no health complications that usually accompany stress, and therefore little medical attention will be required (Girdano, Dusek and Everly, 2012). This will lead to happy employees that will be willing to work better making it possible to develop a good culture in the firm.

Also, when employees stress is managed and maintained at low level, there will be less absenteeism because their ability to work will not have been interrupted. Often, when there is stress, the employees will also feel sick or absent-minded and thus take away the concentration needed to work well. They would take frequent time off to cool themselves. This will force them to be absent from work thereby affecting the firm in the end.

Effects of stress in organization

Stress can make employees to miss work because they would not be at the right status of mind to perform their tasks and therefore will be taking time off to deal with their issues. This will result to rampant absenteeism. When employees are too stressed, at times they will feel sick or have some heath complications. They therefore will often be looking for medication. This will not let them go to work as required (Jaremko and Meichenbaum, 2013). The operations of the firm will be affected especially if the stressed employee is key in some operations that make replacing them too difficult.

Also, an employee that are too stressed will not be able not to be able to work well as their mind will not be I a position to concentrate well and thus will lead to a reduction in productivity.

Moreover, there will be an increase in employees’ turnover as the company will be seeking to replace the unproductive employees. The turnover, where employees are either replaced or leave work on their own because they could not cope with stress in organizations, can halt operations of the organization as the new employees will be required to undergo induction or training that will help them understand the tasks they are required to perform(Seaward, 2013). If the training has to be conducted several times in a single period because some employees leave work after that because of stress, the activities of such a firm will be very much affected, and thus even their profitability and performance will reduce and most probably lead to closure. It is not the right thing to do in replacing employees often.

Stressed interview

There can be stressed interview when the candidate is subjected in an unfavorable environment. Some of the things that can stress interviewees are lack of seats in their place of interview. They will also be tensed as because of standing for a long time. The mind will not relax as when one stands for a long time in places of the interview and this can even affect their performance in the said interview(Seaward, 2013). There should b waiting chairs and benches for candidates to make them comfortable while waiting to be assessed or evaluated.

Another cause of stressed interview is the long wait. There is always anxiety associated with waiting, and if this goes on for a longer time, it will lead to stress. There should be scheduled for all candidates so that they will not have to wait for a long time on the line for interviews (Seaward, 2013). These will also make them be well prepared and not to lose concentration before the interview because of the stress of waiting for long.

Lastly, some interviewers would make some bad habits in the course of the interview purposefully. This will not only distract the interviewee but also make them scared or cause some fear in them especially if they were meeting for the first time with the person conducting the interview. Later on, there will be panic and develop to stress.

In conclusion, stress management has a lot of benefit to the organization, and they are directly related to their performance in the market. If an organization want to succeed and do better, they will have to ensure that they have stress free employees. Proper stress management technique can do this.


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