Qualitative interviews goal

Qualitative interviews are intended to provide the researcher with a fundamental understanding of specific issues in different research fields. This brings out the researcher's exploratory nature and the methods the researcher would employ. Several qualities of qualitative study include; Seeking Facts Rather Than Truth; In some research subjects, there are universal truths that have been discussed and studied in the past. Qualitative interviewers must therefore seek facts to determine whether these truths are still true or have been superseded by time. As a result, they ask respondents for information in order to understand the information they receive.

Flexibility is yet another crucial quality, particularly in the study design. For example, making a decision on whether to carry out a Focus or Group interview, deciding on the type of interview guide to draft and implement among others. In the example of the Yob and brewers research, the interview guide was piloted by six faculty members. In other researches done, the guide can just be drafted by the head of faculty and two other members. To add onto this is the uniqueness in the comprehension of online qualitative research; The internet having taken over the world, it is much easier, convenient and very flexible to carry out research online and find respondents for questions that helps the research become a success. For Yob and Brewers, the research was carried on an online platform where respondents were interviewed by telephone while others were digitally recorded. The research was about an online university that has a record of currently enrolling about sixty thousand students. It was established in 1970. This can be summarized into online and mobile interview technique. Apart from this, there are what makes a good interview guide such as drafting questions for clarification, drafting questions in line with the research’s literature review and goal of the study.

In conclusion, having any research means having to interview various respondents thus this requires that the interviewers employ different skills to get information they require.


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