Pushing for equality as a solution to asymmetry in the distribution of power

Major Disparities Between Males and Women

There are major disparities between males and women, according to Lindeman (153). These distinctions, however, should not be interpreted negatively. Feminine characteristics should be viewed as sources of personal power and pride. Demanding complete equality with males undermines fundamental feminine attributes that have a huge positive impact on society.

Positive Impact of Women's Experiences

Women's experiences as moms, for example, serve as a model for social relations. Women's emotions are morally valuable and should not be viewed as a sign of weakness. Women in the contemporary society have valid concerns regarding being side-lined in major economic, social, and political institutions.

Misinformation about Women's Rights

However, Haycox's (n.p) article misinforms the audience about the concept of equality and the position of women in society, especially from the social perspective. She brings out women's rights as a war between women and men where she portrays most men as being privileged and hostile and not believing in equality. There are men in society who appreciate the role of women. Rather than making feminism a women's affair, it is important that men be included.

Appreciating Both Genders' Strengths and Weaknesses

This can only be done by acknowledging that both genders have strengths and weaknesses. It is also important that women appreciate that there are men who are disadvantaged economically, socially, and politically. Therefore, demanding equality needs a clarification and justification on which men they should be equal to.

Changing Perceptions and Overcoming Bias

Feminism is about changing perceptions that have led to asymmetry in the distribution of power between men and women. Morality lies in overcoming the biased perception of society against genders rather than antagonizing the two sexes.

Works Cited

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