Psychological Criticisms in Frankenstein

Numerous Psychological Criticisms of the Frankenstein Book

Especially those based on the monsters, have been made. The creature mentally haunts the reader in the same way that it haunts the novel's events. Victor experiences severe remorse as a result of creating the creature, which has a negative psychological impact on him. The horrific events, like the creature's slaughter of Elizabeth during her night wedding, cause mental torture. (Shelly 45). Victor's consciousness is completely occupied by his fantasies, scientific prowess, and quest to create the monster. The author succeeds in crafting a book that reflects both a true tale and the mental illnesses that contribute to pathological narcissism. The science depicted in the book also faces psychological criticism and could be termed as "mad science". In the light of modern psychiatry, the book is a sad tragedy which portrays total disasters that destroy people creating a psychological disturbance. The descriptions of the events are richly furnished exposing Victor in severe mental conditions.


Isolation tends to be a recurrent idea and motifs which greatly help in the development of Frankenstein and A rose for Emily books. The idea of isolation depicts to have detrimental impacts to the characters as those who are isolated end up suffering negative consequences. Both books have physical and emotional isolation. Faulkner and Shelly vividly indicate how people become isolated by their families, their traditions, the community, the law, and the past. They clearly indicate how people decide to follow their own actions and choices and how they affect them. From the book of Frankenstein, the monster is isolated from the community due to his physical characteristics. He does not have friends and no one wants to associate with him. Victor is also inspired by isolation and the love of science and he ends up creating a destructive creature. Elizabeth is also isolated by her family and is adopted by Victor’s family. Miss Emily in Faulkner’s book is an isolated character and the town is seen to play a significant role in the isolation. Tobe also faces isolation. The underlying reason for the theme of isolation in the two readings is that isolation is a destructive act that should not be perpetuated in society.

Work Cited

Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. St. Martins, 2000.

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